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What are the best Extra Añejo Tequila brands?

Agave spirits are enjoying increasing popularity these days, and we’re seeing plenty of high end, well aged expressions catering to a growing interest in premium Tequila

We produce a quarterly trend report for Master of Malt’s trade customers and one of the most striking statistics in early 2023 was that sales of Tequila over £150 had increased by an eye-watering 578% over the past two years. 578%!

What is Extra Añejo Tequila?

The most well aged category of Tequila is extra añejo, if you see this on the label, you know the spirit has been aged for a minimum of three years in oak – significantly longer than the two months required for reposado and the one year for añejo Tequila. As with oak ageing any spirit, the maturation process allows the spirit to develop in character and complexity, rounding of harsher characteristics with notes of vanilla and caramel, and imparting a silkier, soft, sometimes buttery texture, in other words – perfect for sipping! 

I’ve picked out a few of the best from our range here – these are the sought of thing to mark a momentous occasion in place of a special Cognac or whisky, or perhaps in some cases, a win at the races, and fancy enough that many of their makers recommend sipping from a flute. 

Gran Patrón Piedra Extra Añejo

Patrón is a brand that has done pretty well with making a name for itself, its Silver and Reposado expressions are a common sight on many a back bar, as was the beloved Patrón XO Cafe Coffee Liqueur (R.I.P), but did you know about the Extra Añejo expression? This is one to sip and savour, and would make a great choice for a special occasion. Piedra Extra Añejo is the brand’s first foray into long ageng. Produced from 100% blue weber agave, it’s rested for over three years in a combo of American and French oak casks. 

Expect scents of fresh fruits and sweet toasted oak on the nose, with subtly savoury, umami notes in tow. The palate offers sweet, complex layers of cooked agave and creamy toasted vanilla, with an earthy spice and elegant oak lingering for the finish. 

Jose Cuervo Reserva de la Familia 2023

Another big name in the world of Tequila is Jose Cuervo, it’s been in the business since 1795, and each year, celebrates generations of Tequila production with its Reserva de la Familia Extra Añejo. Produced in small quantities from 100% blue weber agave, it’s a characterful sipper that would look rather smart on a top shelf.

There are waves of oak and toasted almonds on the nose, with fresh apples, and some briny agave beneath. Those toasted almonds carry through to the palate, with rich oak char and silky vanilla, finishing with a dusting of cinnamon.

Don Julio 1942 Tequila

I cheated a bit here, this isn’t actually an extra añejo, it’s just a very well aged añejo, but it does make a great example for anyone venturing into the world of aged Tequila, and having spent 30 months in American white oak, it’s only six months shy. From another industry veteran, Don Julio, it’s named 1942 to honour the year that its founder Don Julio Gonzalez-Frausto Estrada distilled his first Tequila at the sprightly age of 17. 

Notes of green banana and vanilla pod carry through from nose to palate, with toasted oak, cinnamon, and distinct, sweet, vegetal notes of roasted agave. 

Herradura Seleccion Suprema Extra Añejo Tequila

The pinnacle of the Herradura range, and a bestseller here at Master of Malt, Seleccion Suprema Extra Añejo is generously aged for over four years, to create what it describes as an “ultra-rested Tequila”. The rich, elegant oak influence alongside characterful cooked agave and spice make it a favourite among agave aficionados. 

On the nose we’re welcomed with nutmeg, cinnamon and bourbon, and a little floral note with a strong, musty scent of agave. The palate is full bodied and oily with notes of dry oak, baked agave plants, more floral notes and allspice that lingers for the drying finish.

Clase Azul Ultra Extra Añejo Tequila

They were all the premium ones above, but I thought I’d better include one super-premium option as well, this Ultra Extra Añejo Tequila is the jewel in the crown of the Clase Azul range. It spends an impressive five years maturing, starting in American whiskey casks and finishing in Spanish sherry casks. It comes housed in a suitably unique hand painted decanter, adorned with a design that incorporates three precious metals: platinum, silver, and 24-karat gold. Luxury inside and out. 

With notes of dried plums, cinnamon, vanilla, candied ginger, and clove, the folks at Clase Azul recommend pairing this with aged goats cheese, black cherries, or bitter chocolate. 

How do you drink Extra Añejo Tequila?

These sorts of Tequilas are usually drunk neat, on the rocks, or in simple, spirit forward cocktails. Pour a measure into your favourite tasting glass and give it the time and appreciation it deserves, or stir up an immensely fancy Tequila Old Fashioned. 


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