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The Dreamcatcher

This tequila-based cocktail from The Madison Hotel in Washington, D.C., captures the essence of spring’s awakening with green Chartreuse, lime and star anise. 


The Dreamcatcher

Course Drinks
Keyword Grapefruit juice, Green Chartreuse, lime, star anise, tequila


1 ½ oz. Ocho blanco tequila1 oz. Green Chartreuse2 oz. Grapefruit juice2 oz. Lime juice1 ½ oz. Star anise-infused simple syrup


Place ice in shaker.
Pour all liquid ingredients over ice.
Shake until well chilled.
Strain into coupe glass.
Float whole star anise to garnish.


The mixologists at The Madison Hotel in Washington, D.C., created this recipe.

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