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No Cocktail Shaker? Use These Four Household Items Instead

We all know the minor panic that sets in when we go to open a special bottle of wine and realize there’s no corkscrew on hand. We get a similar sinking feeling when we go to make a batch of Margaritas but there’s no shaker to be found. While we all have our favorite tip or trick for removing that pesky cork without the proper equipment, what do you do when you’re missing the tools to whip up a shaken drink?

While nothing beats a shaker set, there are several other household items that could take its place in a dire situation. These are usually containers that have sealable lids and leave a good amount of space for the liquid to move back and forth when shaken. So whether you’re at an Airbnb with limited kitchenware or with your friend who really needs to work on their at-home bar set up, as long as you can find one of these objects, your night — and the Margaritas — will be saved.

Here are four shaker alternatives you can use in a pinch.

Mason Jar

Even if you’re stranded on a remote farm, it’s likely that you’ll be able to find a Mason jar. These sealable containers are ideal for making sure none of your precious drink slips out during the shaking process. Just add the cocktail’s ingredients and ice to the jar, tighten the lid, and shake vigorously. What’s more, you can use the thin lid as a strainer when you pour the drink into your glass of choice. If you end up enjoying using the Mason jar, you can find specialty tops online to turn your jar into a real shaker.

Travel Coffee Mug

To us, coffee is a food group, so you’d be hard pressed to find us going anywhere without our trusty travel mug. And having a Yeti or similar insulated mug on hand is a blessing when you need to make a last-minute Espresso Martini. Whether it’s a full-on thermos or a tumbler with a sliding, removable lid, travel coffee mugs are a great option for both shaking and pouring your drink of choice.

Water Bottle

Similar to the coffee container, portable water bottles can be helpful tools. Just make sure you have one that comes with a sealable lid — that Stanley cup with a built-in straw won’t do you any favors when you go to shake your impromptu round of Daiquiris.

Two Cups

This is truly the last resort, but if you don’t have any vessels with their own lids, it’s time to just put two cups together. If you have a few options in the cabinet, try seeing if any of the smaller cups comfortably fit inside the larger cup to mimic a Boston shaker. Otherwise, wrapping some duct tape around two plastic cups will get the job done — or go the radical route and practice the art of throwing cocktails.

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