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Penelope Rio Returns to Shelves

Popular among whiskey fans when launched last year, Penelope Rio returns to shelves this month on a limited allocation of 5,000 (6-count) cases.

Rio is a double cask finish of American honey and Amburana, a Brazilian hardwood.

“Our latest Rio release is a party in a bottle; the finishes complement each other so well, resulting in a fun and surprising mix of flavors,” says Michael Paladini, founder of Penelope Bourbon. “This year’s release delivers a dessert sweetness combined with a nice baking spice on the finish. It’s a fantastic and different combination of rich and sweet, with depth.”

The bourbon features an aroma of sweet honey coupled with notes of cinnamon rolls, the company reports. On the palate is gingerbread, honey, nectar and baking spice, before a finish of honey and spice.

Bottled at 98 proof, Rio’s blended four-grain mash bill consists of 74% corn, 16% wheat, 7% rye and 3% malted barley.

“Penelope Rio is one of the more complex finishes we release,” says Daniel Polise, founder and master blender of Penelope Bourbon. “We’re really happy with how this one turned out, and we can’t wait to see it on the shelf.”

The suggested retail price is $89.99 per 750-ml bottle.

Rio is part of the company’s Cooper Series, which takes Penelope straight whiskeys on a world tour. The other members of the series include Tokaji Cask Finish, Rosé Cask Finish and Valencia. A product locator for the Penelope family of bourbons can be found here.

In May of last year, Penelope Bourbon was acquired by MGP.

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