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Our Best Breads for Your Easter Celebrations

Looking for the perfect roll or biscuit to complement your Easter meal this year? We’ve rounded up a list of our best breads to fill your table’s bread basket. From our classic Parker House rolls to crave-worthy cheddar-and-garlic drop angel biscuits, these bread recipes are the finishing touch you need for your Easter menu. 

Parker House Rolls

Legend has it that Parker House rolls were created by accident as a disgruntled baker slammed a tray of rolls in the oven. The jolted rolls emerged with their signature folded appearance, and the guests raved about them. It’s that pocket-like fold that creates a crispy golden exterior with a steaming hot and tender interior.

Angel Biscuits

A cross between a buttermilk biscuit and a Parker House roll, these Angel Biscuits will impress any and all at the dinner table. With its pillowy softness and golden buttery top, take one bite and you’ll never question its name again.

Pane Di Pasqua

Literally translated as “Easter Bread,” the Pane di Pasqua with its colorful eggs is Italy’s signature version of the holiday staple. Sometimes designed to resemble a doll or newborn, the intricately braided loaf symbolizes the rebirth of the spring season and Christ’s resurrection. This soft, slightly sweet bread with its iconic brightly colored eggs (we used blue) can be found well beyond the borders of Italy as a symbol of the season. 

Drop Biscuits

This recipe is a breezy wonder, with craggy peaked tops that offer a bit of crunch with the signature soft interior. The final brush with butter? Consider that its brush with greatness.

Honey-Orange Parker House Rolls

In our sweet rendition of Parker House rolls, rectangular pieces of the enriched dough are brushed with orange-honey butter and rolled into spirals. This creates sweetly laminated layers and mesmerizing swirls. Once the hot rolls leave the oven, a final brush of honey-orange butter gives the bread a sweet, glossy sheen.

Cheddar-and-Garlic Drop Angel Biscuits

Similar to those of a seafood chain favorite, these Cheddar-and-Garlic Drop Angel Biscuits are every bit as light and fluffy as they are flavorful. Seasoned with garlic powder and ground black pepper, mixed with a healthy helping of Cheddar cheese, and brushed with warm garlic butter, they’re sure to become a new favorite.

Honey Butter Yeast Rolls

If you’re on the hunt for pillowy-soft, tenderly sweet rolls, look no further than these Honey Butter Yeast Rolls. These rolls are simple and light yet incredibly flavorful, with the perfect amount of buttery richness and honeyed sweetness, just like the O’Charley’s rolls they were inspired by. Baked to a gorgeous golden brown, the rolls are then coated with a final brush of melted butter for a glistening finish.

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