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The 10 Most Popular Beers for Each Generation in the U.S. [Infographic]

Many things are passed down from generation to generation: traditions, family heirlooms, genetics, recipes. We’re all a product of nature and nurture, and that plays a major role in the food, music, and clothing we both embrace and rebel against as we age. According to recent survey data from YouGov, beer is no exception.

The market research company polled a group of Americans by presenting them with 75 beer brands, asking if they’re familiar with each brand, and whether or not they have a positive opinion of them. The results were broken down into age groups: baby boomers, Gen Xers, and millennials.

Generation Z, which wasn’t polled in YouGov’s survey, is reportedly making more repeat purchases on American light lagers compared to millennials, who are more prone to spending their money on craft options. Gen Z also isn’t buying many imported beers these days.

As for the generations that did make the poll, imported beers Modelo, Heineken, and Guinness are crushing it across the board, with the small exception of Modelo not being favored as heavily by boomers. They’re the generation largely responsible for the advent of light beer, which could explain why they’re the only generation to have two American light lagers among their top five favorite brands.

According to the data, Modelo is outpacing Corona on all fronts. Somewhat unsurprisingly, Samuel Adams, Blue Moon, and a few American macros are trailing behind the almighty imports.

Before we get into each generation’s most beloved beers, it’s important to note that YouGov’s data factored in some brewery brand names rather than just standalone products, making it impossible to tell which specific beers the survey is referring to (as is the case with Corona and Coors.) For that reason, we omitted brewery names with no specified beer below. White Claw also appeared on the original lists, but was discounted here for not being a beer.

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