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March 24th Newsletter

When I sent out the last newsletter, I completely forgot to fill you in on life behind the scenes here! It was probably because I was in the middle of a two week flu, and was so under the weather I couldn’t think straight. Between moving, traveling, being sick and then taking a road trip with Kurt the week before last, it’s been a very busy month. Oh, and I’m completely healed with just an occasional cough, and hubby never even came down with it fortunately!
We decided to drive down to North and South Carolina because we’re thinking about moving to where buying a home would be more affordable. Not that we couldn’t buy something here in Rhode Island, it’s just that it’s become outrageously expensive, and really is ridiculous.
While we looked at the coast of S. Carolina, I absolutely fell in love with the Chapel Hill area of N. Carolina and Carrboro specifically. I love the beautiful countryside, farms, old houses, and small town feel. Unfortunately for me, it’s about 2 ½ hours from the ocean, and even though I can’t STAND sand, the beach has always been my happy place. So, I’m not so sure I want to be that far away from salt water.
We’ll see. There are plenty more places for us to check out, and who knows, maybe we’ll just become snow birds spending 9 months of the year here in RI and then another 3 months elsewhere. After all, this is home – has been and always will be, and it’s got a very special place in my heart as do the family and friends who are here.

New Recipes This Week

Creamy Chicken Alfredo Casserole is a perfectly indulgent meal that’s still easy enough to make for dinner on busy weeknights! Penne pasta is smothered in a homemade roasted garlic Alfredo sauce and topped with cheese and a crispy breadcrumb topping. This comfort food classic is a family favorite that’s perfect for potlucks or for feeding the entire family!

Try this Easy Chicken Alfredo Casserole recipe!

Grab a handful of this sweet and salty Easter Chex Mix for a fun and easy snack! You’ll love the crunch of the pretzels and cereal squares combined with the sweetness of classic Easter candies like Peeps and jelly beans.

Try this Easter Chex Mix this Easter!

If you grew up with Circus Animal Cookies and love those colorful frosted animals then you’re going to love these Circus Animal Cookie Pops. This easy no bake treat will bring out the kid in everyone, young and old!

Taste these Circus Animal Cookie Pops

This quick and easy Chicken Quesadilla Recipe is a meal you’ll turn to again and again! With simple, fresh ingredients and a fast prep time, these quesadillas are an easy meal for the whole family to enjoy on busy weeknights or for a quick lunch. Top them with salsa, guacamole, or your favorite toppings, too!

Make my Chicken Quesadillas this week!

Traditional Irish Soda Bread Recipe is perfect to make for your St. Patrick’s Day dinner or any time you want a quick and hearty bread with your meal! It’s a very easy bread to make with only four ingredients, no yeast, no rising time, and a baking time of only 50 minutes!

Put this Irish Soda Bread on your menu!

Easter Recipes to Enjoy:

Easter M&M Blondies are an easy bar dessert perfect for any spring time occasion.

This Pineapple Rum Cake has quickly become a family favorite. With pineapple, dark rum, instant pudding mix, and a boxed cake mix, it’s super easy to put together and tastes even better the next day

These classic Deviled Eggs are so easy to make and will please any crowd!

These soft and sweet Carrot Cake Mix Cookiestaste just like real carrot cake, which is one of my favorite cakes!

You’ll adore this Easter Fudge – white chocolate fudge with mini Cadbury Creme Eggs, Starburst Jelly Beans, and Spring themed sprinkles.

Easter Egg Hunt Cookies are delicious cookie cups with a surprise inside!

Menu Plan This Week:

Sunday: Macaroni & Cheese

Monday: Homemade Cheese Crackers

Tuesday: Slow Cooker Sloppy Joes

Wednesday:Cheese Blintzes – perfect dessert for Easter

Thursday: Curry Dip – great appetizer for Easter

Friday: Date Night

Saturday: 3 Ingredient Puff Pastry Cinnamon Swirls

Favorite Product of the Week:

This Back Seat Extender / Seat Cover for Dogs saved us or rather saved the backseat of our Tacoma when we took Logan with us to Myrtle Beach. He’s a Golden Retriever, so he is a big shedder, and the cover kept his fur contained with minimal cleanup when Kurt removed it. It’s easy to put in, take out, and we just spray it down to clean it off. I love that the seats won’t get dirty or wet if he should find a puddle or some mud to walk through, too.

(To get to – click the link above. It will take you to the blog and then scroll down to this Favorite Product section where you’ll find the affiliate link to the item as I’m not permitted to share Amazon links here in my newsletter. I may earn a small commission from products purchased when you shop through my Amazon links at no additional cost to you. Thanks!)

Tip of the Week:

Hate when you put pasta into a plastic food storage container and it stains? Spray the inside of the container with some cooking spray before putting the food in and you’ll not only be able to wash it out easily, but any stains will wipe out when you clean it!

I’d love to hear any tips you have, and what has helped you be more efficient and organized in the kitchen! If you would be interested in sharing them with all of us, and if I choose to share them in our newsletter, I’ll give you a first-name shoutout!

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