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The VinePair Podcast: Forget Dying, Piquette Never Lived

An article recently declared that piquette is dead. But did the low-abv, sparkling wine product even really have a life to die from? After all, VinePair published an article almost three years ago arguing that no, the summer of 2021 would not be the summer of piquette. And the situation never really changed.

Instead, the hype around piquette was likely due to a small number of “cool kid” wine producers championing the beverage and New York’s insular media bubble responding in turn. Rather than looking at the data surrounding the bubbly wine byproduct (which revealed a shockingly low amount of piquette for sale in NYC) publications — many of which were lifestyle, not food and beverage — simply declared piquette the next big thing.

On this episode of the “VinePair Podcast,” Adam and Zach are joined by VinePair’s managing editor Tim McKirdy to discuss recent conversations around the end of the alleged piquette trend. Then, the three discuss why Tim was highly skeptical of any such trend all the way back in July of 2021. Tune in for more.

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