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Hendrick’s Launches Latest Limited-Edition Gin: Grand Cabaret

Hendrick’s Gin just released another whimsical expression from its Cabinet of Curiosities: Grand Cabaret.

According to a brand press release, the limited-edition gin is characterized by rich stone fruit flavors, sweet herbal notes, and Hendrick’s classic cucumber-forward profile, making it a prime contender for summer spritzes and refreshing highballs. It’s also a testament to French beverage history: while researching, master distiller Lesley Gracie read about stone fruit spirits that became popular in early 1900s Paris and grew fascinated by eau de vie: a distilled fruit-based spirit traditionally infused with roses and served with a dash of gin.

“It’s fascinating to explore the history of cocktail culture and how it has evolved over time, but gathering over a great drink will never go out of style,” said Vance Henderson, Hendrick’s national ambassador, in the release. “Grand Cabaret is refreshing, it’s vibrant, and unapologetically bold – it can take on so many personalities when mixed into a cocktail.”

Hendrick’s Cabinet of Curiosities, a line of limited-release gins with fantastical tilts including Neptunia and Flora Adora, was named for the real locked cabinet in Gracie’s laboratory inside the Hendrick’s Gin Palace in Girvan, Scotland. Grand Cabaret marks the fifth U.S. release in the line, and the very first time stone fruits have made it into the Hendrick’s botanical bill.

“There’s something to be enthralled by everywhere we look, and this time I was captivated by historical recipes for indulgent stone fruit spirits, eau de vies, peach schnapps, and cherry liqueurs that were in vogue in the 1900s,” Gracie says. “I experimented with these flavors a bit and found that when you put them together, they produce a rich cabaret of notes that are both bright and light, ultimately serving as the inspiration behind this latest release.”

Hendrick’s Gin Grand Cabaret clocks in at 43.4 percent ABV, and is available in stores nationwide now for an MSRP of $39.99.

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