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America’s Most Popular Regional Pizza Chains [MAP]

Pizza is a hot-button topic in the United States, and almost every American has a go-to shop for their regular fix. And while large chains continue to dominate the market — Domino’s and Pizza Hut account for 56 percent of U.S. sales — there is a plethora of smaller chains with cult-like followings among their respective locals.

While some local chains have remained in the confines of their home states — like Pat’s Pizza in Maine, which currently has 15 locations scattered across the state — others have expanded to neighboring regions. Take Maryland’s Ledo Pizza, for example, which was founded in Adelphi in 1955. Since then, Ledo has expanded to over 100 locations in its home state, along with a handful of restaurants in North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Florida, and Virginia. The chain is particularly popular in Washington D.C.; four locations can be found in the district.

Some regional chains are even famous for having created entirely new styles of pizza, as is the case with Michigan’s Buddy’s Pizza. Founded in Detroit, Buddy’s is famous for inventing the city’s namesake pizza style, recognizable for its square shape and inverted layering of toppings. Across the country, Colorado chain Beau Jo’s is notable for serving a pie made with a stuffed and braided dough crust and stuffed until overflowing, now known as a Colorado-style pizza or Colorado Mountain Pie.

While calling out some of the most popular regional pizza chains, it was important to consider how large the chain has grown since its founding. If an establishment is mainly focused in a single region but has opened over a dozen locations in more than 10 states, VinePair considers the chain to be semi-national. (Casey’s, for example — one of the Midwest’s most iconic pizza chains — has outgrown its regional status with over 2,600 locations in 17 states.)

Curious to see which pizza chains are native to your area? Check out our map below for VinePair’s comprehensive visualization of the most popular regional pizza chains in the U.S.

Regional Pizza Chains by State

Alaska: Great Alaskan Pizza Company
Arizona: Oregano’s Pizza Bistro
California: Mountain Mike’s Pizza
Colorado: Beau Jo’s
Connecticut: Frank Pepe Pizzeria Napoletana
Delaware: Grotto Pizza
Idaho: Idaho Pizza Company
Illinois: Aurelio’s Pizza
Indiana: Noble Roman’s
Iowa: Happy Joe’s Pizza and Ice Cream
Louisiana: Fat Boy’s Pizza
Maine: Pat’s Pizza
Maryland: Ledo Pizza
Massachusetts: Regina Pizzeria
Michigan: Buddy’s Pizza
Minnesota: Sammy’s Pizza and Restaurant
Missouri: Imo’s Pizza
Montana: MacKenzie River Pizza
New Mexico: Dion’s
New York: Joe’s Pizza
Ohio: Gionino’s Pizzeria
Oregon: Abby’s Legendary Pizza
Texas: Pizza Patrón
Virginia: Chanello’s Pizza
Washington: Pagliacci Pizza
West Virginia: Di Carlo’s Famous Pizza
Wisconsin: Ian’s Pizza

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