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5 Essential Cocktails for April

Each month Chilled presents you with five essential cocktails based on our National Drink Day Calendar. Don’t forget to reference it so you can prepare for the upcoming holidays.

As April unfolds and our surroundings begin to blossom, the world of cocktails changes. The need for sweet, floral, and refreshing drinks begins to take over. Say goodbye to mulled wine and warming cocktails, and say hello to spring libations.

From citrus infusions to vibrant hues, this month’s cocktails will stand out amongst the rest. Here’s to the assortment of ingredients that April brings to our glasses. These are five cocktails you should be sipping this month.

El Conejo Bueno

With Easter right around the corner, you might be craving a treat our bunny friends love. On International Carrot Day (4/4), raise your glass to this vibrant vegetable that makes a mean cocktail with some added benefits. This cocktail is equally sweet as it is savory. Add it to a spring bar menu for the perfect accompaniment to brunch.

Blackberry and Meyer Lemon Gin & Tonic

April 9 marks National Gin & Tonic Day. The classic cocktail is simple and easy to make, so why not put a spin on it? This drink uses citrus and blackberries to give a sweet and zesty punch. A new season is the perfect time to experiment with new flavors and bring out the mixologist in you. It’s a batch cocktail, making it ideal for those days when the bar back is busy.


On World Malbec Day (4/17), the easiest option would be to pour a glass of the full-bodied red wine and call it a day. Instead, use this as an opportunity to try something new and exciting. The Moonrise cocktail is stunning to look at and even better to sip and savor. It’s herbaceous and sweet, and the Malbec float adds the right amount of jamminess to each sip.

Disaronno Fizz

April 19 marks Disaronno Day, so it only makes sense to enjoy the spirit in simplest form. The Disaronno Fizz uses ingredients that are most likely behind any bar. This cocktail highlights the sweet and nutty flavors of Disaronno. It’s perfect for a casual afternoon sip, an after-dinner delight, or the hair of the dog.

Greenback Boogie

Tea can be a very underutilized ingredient when it comes to cocktail making. That’s why on National Tea Day, April 21, there’s no better time to bring on the earthy flavors. The Greenback Boogie uses matcha, a traditional Japanese green tea powder, to add a depth of flavor and umami notes. It’s a captivating ingredient in the world of mixology.

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