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Absolut® Kicks off Festival Season with “Mixing It Up: Cosmos & Culture”

As the Official Vodka of Coachella, Absolut is doubling down on its “Born to Mix” DNA by bringing its footprint beyond the festival grounds and presenting an exclusive limited-time series “Mixing It Up: Cosmos & Culture” in AbsolutLAND.

This collaborative series includes weekly video interviews on the latest trends and cinematic hybrid content that seamlessly blends the physical spirit of Coachella with a digital Absolut experience for worldwide engagement.

With the Cosmopolitan back in vogue and a popular menu item at the festival this year, Absolut teamed up with actor & comedian, Matt Rogers, to release a series of conversations featuring talks with experts in fashion, music and culture, all while enjoying Absolut Cosmos. Called “Mixing It: Cosmos & Culture” the series will drop episodes weekly with special guests including Wayman + Micah, Chrishell Stause, Vanessa Vanjie Mateo and surprises along the way!

“Join me in AbsolutLAND where I’m your host for ‘Mixing It Up: Cosmos & Culture,’ a conversation series where we’re getting into my favorite music festival’s impact on culture,” said Matt Rogers, actor & comedian. “By the way, I don’t know if you’ve heard, but the Cosmo is back and you don’t want to miss enjoying an Absolut Cosmo with me at the festival or virtually during these episode drops.”

In addition to being the initial streaming for “Mixing It Up,” AbsolutLAND is on a new platform making it hyper-accessible, unlocking edu-training and reimagining how the brand shows up at the ultimate mixing grounds so everyone 21+ can enjoy Absolut. Embarking on the vibrance of Coachella where trends are set for the year, Absolut is introducing its “Journey to the Cosmos” experience to bring Cosmos into the virtual Cosmos. This captivating quest to the roots of the Cosmo celebrates the culture and history that starts with mixing Absolut. AbsolutLAND also features thrilling music, dance, exclusive rewards and interactive mixology.

“Absolut’s approach to Coachella this year is rooted in a double entendre of Cosmos, which pays homage to the iconic cocktail made with Absolut while capturing the essence of our new digital festival universe,” said Matt Foley, VP of Marketing, Absolut. “The activation very much underscores our Born to Mix ethos offering an equally rich and diverse global engagement opportunity like mixing with friends new and old over Cosmos both online and IRL.”

Join Absolut at Coachella as the brands brings together 21+ consumers worldwide, digital creators, entertainers, pop culture aficionados and festival-goers.

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