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The Highest-Rated Pizzeria in Major U.S. Cities, According to Yelp [MAP]

Pizza is a serious topic in the United States. With so much consumed every year — and so many regions having a style to call their own — it isn’t rare for devotees to debate which local joint is superior. Another way to see which pizza purveyors are killing in their hometowns? Check out their reviews.

That’s why we took to Yelp to sift through hundreds of pizzerias’ pages to discover which ones had the highest-rated reviews. To narrow things down, we sorted our prospects by rating from highest to lowest and only considered establishments with over four stars and at least 400 reviews.

Some cities’ most beloved spots are historic — like Detroit’s Buddy’s Pizza, a local chain responsible for creating Motor City’s namesake pizza style. Others offer a connection to pizzerias in other destinations, like New Orleans’ Paladar 511, which is owned by the same people who own another shop in San Francisco. And in New York City, where the competition is especially fierce, the title of most popular pizzeria goes to Williamsburg’s now-famous L’industrie Pizzeria.

Curious to see what the most prized pizzeria is in your neck of the woods? Check out our map below revealing the most popular pizza joint in every major U.S. city and its Yelp rating.

The Most Popular Pizzeria in Every City

Atlanta, Georgia: Antico Pizza (4.3)
Austin, Texas: Little Deli & Pizzeria (4.6)
Boston, Massachusetts: Ciao! Pizza & Pasta (4.8)
Charlotte, North Carolina: Pizzeria Omaggio (4.5)
Chicago, Illinois: Forno Rosso Pizzeria Napoletana (4.5)
Columbus, Ohio: Harvest Bar + Kitchen (4.3)
Dallas, Texas: Italia Express (4.5)
Denver, Colorado: Esters Virginia Village (4.6)
Detroit, Michigan: Buddy’s Pizza (4.4)
Houston, Texas: The Gypsy Poet (4.7)
Indianapolis, Indiana: King Dough Indy (4.3)
Kansas City, Missouri: Cupini’s (4.3)
Las Vegas, Nevada: Marsigliano’s Pizzeria (4.7)
Los Angeles, California: Pizzeria Sei (4.7)
Miami, Florida: CRUST (4.6)
Milwaukee, Wisconsin: Classic Slice (4.3)
Nashville, Tennessee: Five Points Pizza (4.5)
New Orleans, Louisiana: Paladar 511 (4.5)
New York, New York: L’industrie Pizzeria (4.7)
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma: The Hall’s Pizza Kitchen (4.4)
Omaha, Nebraska: Noli’s Pizzeria – Blackstone (4.2)
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: Angelo’s Pizzeria (4.5)
Phoenix, Arizona: My Slice of the Pie Pizzeria (4.7)
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania: Proper Brick Oven & Tap Room (4.3)
San Francisco, California: Roma Antica (4.5)
Seattle, Washington: Pizzeria Pulcinella (4.4)
Washington, D.C.: Timber Pizza – Petworth (4.6)

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