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NYC Just Got a Florentine Wine Window

If you’ve ever taken an Italian vacation or studied abroad, there’s a chance you’ve stumbled upon a wine window, or buchette del vino. These little brick portals were drive-thrus before drive-thrus: Customers simply walk up, place their order, and moments later, an arm extends with a glass of Barolo for them to sip away in the open air. Now, this ages-old Florentine tradition has just arrived in Brooklyn.

Williamsburg wine bar Please Tell Me just announced that it will be offering wine-window service starting on April 10. The menu will be sponsored by wine importer Zev Rovine Selections, and will showcase natural and organic wines from new world producers including talking Merlots from Mexico, Slovenian Sauvignon Blancs, Syrahs from Japan, and other unexpected offerings. The wine window will also feature canned beers to go. Please Tell Me will charge $9 for house wine, and $10 to $15 for organic glasses.

Customers will be able to enjoy their wine or beer on the Please Tell Me patio, or take them to go in sealed cups. If one chooses to go with the latter route, know that per New York State law, to-go drinks will require the purchase of food — a restriction put in place in the early pandemic to help struggling bars and restaurants make more profit.

Weather permitting, Please Tell Me’s new buchette del vino will run on weekends during brunch service, in addition to Wednesdays for the bar’s vinyl record-spinning “Winyl Wednesdays.” Considering the new venture’s affordable prices, novelty, and convenience, it could be a hit, and maybe other NYC bars will follow suit.

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