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Your Guide to the Wine and Food of France [MAP]

When someone swears they love French food or French wine, these assertions can sound a little reductive. Within the realm of France’s eating and drinking culture, there are dozens of regional cuisines, grapes, and traditions that can’t be squeezed into one category.

The country’s landscape runs the gamut from oceanfront regions facing the Atlantic to steep Alpine slopes to the warm-breezed coast on the Mediterranean. With so much geographic variation comes a wonderfully diverse set of regional dishes: Think plates packed with sausage and cheese in mountainous regions to fresher, more vegetable- and fish-forward cuisines of the coasts.

Of course, France’s famous food can only be matched by its highly revered wines. The well-known phrase “what grows together, goes together” certainly applies here, as many wines are historically good pairings for their region’s most iconic plates. Savoie’s refreshing Jacquère variety perfectly washes down the local fondue, bold reds from South West France stand up to the heartiest cassoulets, and crisp Provencal rosés complement the area’s classic ratatouille.

Whether you’re looking for inspiration for your next dinner party or just curious about the optimal wine pairing for your favorite French dish, here’s your guide to the wine and food of France.

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