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Wines To Pair With Brunch

Spring offers so many occasions for people to gather together for brunch, from Mother’s Day to bridal showers to graduations and more. Wine connoisseur AJ Kiamie, owner of The Sipp on South Lamar in Oxford, MS, has some tips on wines that work well with brunch fare.

Brunch foods vary from light to heavy dishes, Kiamie notes. “Your wines should always complement your dish without overpowering the food.”

For instance, Kiamie is a huge fan of steak and eggs for brunch, “and when I order this, I like to have a full-bodied red, such as Biale Black Chicken Zinfandel.”

On the other hand, French toast traditionally is a sweeter dish, so he prefers to offset the sweetness with a brut Champagne: “Moët Imperial Brut pairs perfectly.” A lighter pinot grigio or a refreshing vino verde from Portugal can also shine with sweeter brunch fare.

Another French toast pairing option: a good old-fashioned Mimosa. Kiamie suggests adding half an ounce of Cointreau to your Mimosas to bring out the orange flavor.

Eggs Benedict is a fun brunch entree to pair because it’s creamy and slightly heavy, Kiamie says. He enjoys a full-bodied traditional chardonnay, such as Rombauer Vineyards’ Carneros Chardonnay, with classic Eggs Benedict.

Rosé wines work with lighter dishes, such as salads, says Kiamie, and “pinot noir actually pairs very nicely with quiche.” Sangria is a fun option for a brunch cocktail, he adds. “Just be sure to use a dry red or white to offset the sweetness.”

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