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Drink Experiences: The Awakening in Miami

Miami restaurants MilaBaoli and Ava Mediterraegean have a specialty zero-waste cocktail called The Awakening on offer all this month. Created by head of mixology Manuel Zuluaga, the Daiquiri-inspired cocktail is a blend of Flor de Caña rum, renowned for its commitment to sustainable production and carbon neutrality, and repurposed Champagne cordial, giving new life to what was once flat Champagne.

The restaurants’ parent company, Riviera Dining Group, has partnered with One Tree Planted: For every Awakening cocktail purchased, One Tree Planted will plant one tree in a region around the world. The drink, priced at $25, is served in a coconut shell placed in a Nasu wooden box filled with ice and garnished with blue cornflower.

What else makes it sustainable — and delicious? A banana oleo, extracted from recycled banana peels from Baoli, infuses a subtle sweetness, while the rum is enriched with a fat wash of coconut oil and toasted coconut flakes for a velvety smooth texture. The Makrut lime sherbet, utilizing the whole lime, minimizes waste and adds a zesty kick, and as a finish, a homemade palo santo distillate blended with Peychaud’s bitters enhances the floral and earthy notes.

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