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Get Ready for Martini Week! Coming May 20th – May 26th

Are you ready for Martini Week, May 20th to 26th?

No matter if you like it dry or dirty, shaken or stirred, it’s your week to celebrate.

The Martini. It’s a cocktail just as international as its admirers, and just as sexy as some too (Sean Connery in Goldfinger anyone?) Its legacy stands out from the cocktail crowd. It’s classy, yet a chameleon. The Martini has taken on many faces and gone many places over the years, beyond Bond’s vodka Martini.

But when did all the Martini madness begin? Junipero Gin is taking us back to the start, with a full week to honor the Martini’s legacy.

“As a symbol of San Francisco’s eccentricity and Junipero’s pioneering spirit, Martini Week embodies the freedom to enjoy Martinis in any preferred style, reflecting the diverse tastes of its host cities,” says Page Stoup, Senior Brand Manager, Hotaling and Co.

Junipero has hosted Martini Week in the Bay Area since it began three years ago—only a blip in time compared to the lifetime of a Martini. “A reigning theory ties the Martini’s origins directly to the mid-1800s Gold Rush in Northern California.”

Since the inception of Martini Week, it’s gained recognition nationwide, with cities from Sacramento to Atlanta joining in to celebrate this iconic cocktail. “Its versatility is what allows the Martini to find its way onto menus and home bars constantly,” says Page. “The art of ordering a Martini is uniquely individual, much like this eccentric city that we call home.”

However, Martini Week is here to celebrate more than a magical elixir. It’s also to cherish the community around it. Junipero’s week-long initiative is a medium to put our love of Martinis into making a difference. In San Francisco, restaurants and bars participating in Martini Week that get creative with their Martini recipes will open an opportunity to support local charities. For every Martini sold its accounts, Junipero Gin will donate $2 to The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence and other likeminded local organizations.

We are excited to see what’s to come with Martini Week, as Junipero gin and bartenders across the nation prep to celebrate one of the most legendary cocktails in history.

So, get your Martini recipes ready folks. Martini Week is just around the corner.

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