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Martini Trio at Smith & Mills Rockefeller Center

The newly opened downtown Tribeca location of Smith & Mills Rockefeller Center cocktail program, led by Robert Krueger, Beverage Director, offers several favorites like the Martini Trio that is just as aesthetic as it is delicious and is reflective of the new space: refined yet approachable.

The trio includes Smith & Mills three Martini selections in a smaller form to create a delightful grouping of mini-tinis.

The left-most cocktail is A Smokeshow, a Martini that packs a spicy punch including Los Vecinos Mezcal, Cardenxe Sotol, Genepy, Lime Leaf Aperitif, Grapefruit Bitters, and Calabrian Chili.

The middle Martini features the Mezu-Mezu featuring Navy Strength Gin, Quinquina, and a Spanish Olive.

The right tini is Vesper Del Mar, made with Haku Vodka, Plymouth Gin, Blanc Vermouth, Fino Sherry, and a Kombu Pickled Onion.

The trio creates a perfectly balanced profile of spicy, salty, and a bit of sweetness. It continues to be a crowd pleaser as diners stop by for a quick bite or stay for a while into the late-night hours.

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