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Five whiskies with great names

A good name can make a world of difference. Remember when Homer Simpson became Max Power? Life changing. Also, the name of a real-life professional footballer. Would he have made it that far if he had been called Tim Power? Or Jeremy? No. That’s just science.

Similarly, some whiskies stand out because they have badass names. There are enough single malts that are called after the place they are made, bottles that carry an old dude’s name, or massively confusing words that should never have made it through the first pitch meeting. Below are five whiskies that got the name formula right and, crucially, taste as good as they sound.

Five whiskies with great names

Eagle Rare

Eagles? Good. Rare stuff? Good. Nice work, Buffalo Trace (another cool name, tbh). This whiskey just sounds like America. Points for also having a massive bald eagle, wings outstretched looking like it’s about to snatch up some dinner, on the label.

Starward Solera

Starward is a good name for a distillery. It’s not just a location, it sounds a little bit like Star Wars, and it gives you a universe of options for labels, branding etc. Take this whisky. All the brand had to do was whack the name ‘Solera’ next to Starward and it sounds awesome. 

Never Say Die

Never Say Die is a defiant name and was inspired by a victorious racehorse that may or may not have led to the creation of The Beatles. Ticks plenty of boxes for me.

The classic Laing gang – Scallywag, Timorous Beastie, The Epicurean, Rock Island, Big Peat, The Gauldrons

The Douglas Laing team clearly enjoys itself when it comes to marketing because the brand doesn’t shy away from a creative name. Does anyone have a favourite from the above? I’ve always thought The Gauldrons was an interesting name. Also, props to our Emma for coming up with the “Laing gang”. 

Bourbon Bourbon

So good they named it twice. What we love about Bourbon Bourbon is that it’s pretty clear the name came first and then the concept kinda had to be followed through after that. It reminds me of a tennis store I saw, The Merchant of Tennis. The owner might not have even liked tennis. But once you come up with the name, what are you going to do? Not open that shop? Don’t be silly. Plus, biscuits and whiskey. Who loses? Nobody, that’s who.

On the naughty step: 

Feckin Irish whiskey.

C’mon, guys.

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