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The VinePair Podcast: What Drink Will Own Summer 2024?

This episode of the “VinePair Podcast” is riddled with speculation as the team ponders what the drink of summer 2024 will be. Could it finally be cider’s time to shine? It’s not out of the question, especially since higher-ABV imperial ciders are growing in popularity on the West Coast — a “Voodoo Ranger effect,” so to speak. On the other hand, the upcoming season could usher in another round of spritz mania with an expansion far beyond the championed Aperol Spritz. Time will certainly tell.

Today, Adam, Joanna, and Zach respond to listener questions about the potential for craft cider to grab a bigger slice of the pie, and make their predictions about what drink trends will take hold this summer. Plus: Is the Martini an indoor-only cocktail? Place your bets, and tune in for more.

Zach is reading: All Things Being Equal: the Triumph of the Four-Equal-Part Cocktail
Joanna is reading: Building a Purpose-Driven Backbar with Nightmoves’ Orlando Franklin McCray
Adam is reading: Remember When Campari Made a Raspberry-Flavored Clear Cordial?

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