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The 10 Most Popular Gin Brands in the World

Despite its origins being firmly rooted in 18th-century Holland, gin’s influence has been felt all over the world. It’s inextricably linked to the United Kingdom, which has a long history with the stuff. At one point, the liquor’s reputation in London was so contentious that it became known as “mother’s ruin,” due to the reckless abandon with which it was consumed by women at the time. But the juniper-infused spirit’s reputation has improved since then, helped in large part by the highly quaffable Gin & Tonic, which was invented by Royal Navy sailors at the height of the British Empire. But what was once a market exclusively dominated by U.K. producers like Beefeater and Tanqueray has evolved in recent years, with new brands from regions like Germany’s Black Forest and Osaka, Japan, climbing the ranks.

With some 6,000 gins produced worldwide, Drinks International set out to determine which brands are the most popular worldwide. The magazine surveyed 100 of the best bars from 38 countries, requesting that each establishment’s owner, head bartender, or bar manager fill out a detailed questionnaire to reveal their purchasing habits. Their responses indicated which brands are top-sellers at bars worldwide as well as which are most trending among those behind the stick.

While Pernod Ricard-owned Beefeater topped the best-sellers list, in terms of the top-trending brands worldwide, the London dry just scraped into the top 10. Instead, the No. 1-trending gin brand is Monkey 47, a German gin distilled in the Black Forest.

Curious to see if your favorite gin brand is among the world’s most popular? Check out the 10 best-selling gin brands worldwide below, as well as a list of the top trending brands.

The 10 Best-Selling Gin Brands in the World

10. Boatyard

Launched in 2016, Boatyard Gin is produced in northwest Ireland at the first legal distillery in Fermanagh since 1890. The gin is made from eight botanicals, including sweetgale harvested on the distillery’s family farm. Rounding out the botanical build is juniper, coriander, licorice, angelica, orris, grains of paradise, and lemon peel pulled from unwaxed lemons on the day they are to be used for optimal freshness.

9. Citadelle

Native to France, Citadelle was founded in 1996 and now produces a number of gins: original, garden-inspired Jardin d’Été, the berry and rhubarb- infused Rogue, an Old Tom, and more limited-edition expressions. The original gin is produced in the dry style from 19 botanicals and delivers floral aromas on the nose before a spicy, powerful, and fruit-forward palate takes over.

8. Monkey 47

Produced in Germany’s Black Forest, Monkey 47 may be a young brand — the first bottle hit shelves in 2010 — but it’s climbed the ranks to become one of the trendiest gin for bartenders to carry on their back bars. The gin — which gets its name from its 47 botanicals and its 47 percent ABV — is extremely complex, and features rare ingredients like lingonberries that can only be found in parts of Germany, Scandinavia, and the Netherlands.

7. The Botanist

Distilled by the same hands that produce Bruichladdich Scotch, The Botanist is one of the very few gins produced on Islay. Similarly to Monkey 47, the Botanist Islay Dry Gin is a newbie on the gin scene, with the first batch rolling out in 2010. The gin’s botanical recipe uses 22 hand-foraged local botanicals to produce a spirit that exudes lemon balm, juniper, and wildflower aromas.

6. Fords

Created for bartenders by bartenders, it’s no surprise that Fords is one of the most popular gin brands in the trade. Designed to be mixed into cocktails, there are only nine botanicals used during distillation, each of which was chosen to complement each other while allowing juniper to take center stage.

5. Roku

Teeming with citrus notes and a subtle peppery edge, it didn’t take long for Roku gin to cement its place on back bars. The Japanese gin was launched in 2017 and offers a wonderful alternative for people who love gin but aren’t crazy about juniper. Instead, local Japanese botanicals such as yuzu peel, Sanshō pepper, and sakura flower take the spotlight.

4. Hendrick’s

Founded in Scotland in 1999, Hendrick’s is one of the world’s most popular gin brands, selling over 1 million cases of the stuff every year. The brand is beloved for its botanical profile, which highlights flavors like rose and cucumber as a nod to traditional British gardens.

3. Bombay Sapphire

Produced in a distillery over 1,000 years old, Bombay Sapphire is world-famous for its striking blue bottle. The bottle design and the brand’s name are a reference to the Star of Bombay, a 182-carat sapphire from Sri Lanka. The gin delivers notes of licorice, almond, and juniper berries, which shine in cocktails like the Bramble and the French 75.

2. Tanqueray

Founded in 1830, Tanqueray was originally made in London, though production was relocated to Scotland due to extensive damage inflicted on the English distillery during the Axis bombings of World War II. The U.S. is the most important international market for the brand, with over 1.4 million cases sold stateside in 2022.

1. Beefeater

Named after the stoic ceremonial guards of the Tower of London who also adorn each bottle, Beefeater was founded in Great Britain’s capital city in 1820. Though the Pernod Ricard-owned brand has been catching flack in the trade for sneakily lowering its ABV, it remains an industry favorite, winning over bartenders and guests alike with its peppery spice and citrus edge.

The 10 Top-Trending Gin Brands in the World

1. Monkey 47
2. Roku
3. Tanqueray
4. Boatyard
5. Nordés
6. Bombay Sapphire
7. Fords
8. Sipsmith
9. Gin Mare
10. Beefeater

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