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4 Modern Old-Fashioned Recipes You Need To Try

Arguably the most iconic cocktail in history, there’s nothing like a classic Old Fashioned.

Served as early as 1806, the Old-Fashioned was an evolution of the Whiskey Cocktail, and the ingredients were simple: whiskey, sugar, bitters and water. Since then, copious amounts of cocktails have been created, but the Old-Fashioned has transcended through time and earned its spot in the classics for a reason.

Today, no matter what bar you walk into, you can always order an Old-Fashioned. For many bartenders, its the most important to learn the basics of. However, the recipes below are anything but that. Check them out!

Fun fact: One of the first written instances of the name “Old-Fashioned” was included in Jerry Thomas’ Bartenders Guide: How To Mix Drinks in 1862!

Photo by Old Line Spirits

Campfire Old Fashioned

by Old Line Spirits


2 oz. Cask Strength Old Line Whiskey
1/4 oz. Smoked Maple Syrup
2 dashes Chocolate Bitters


Combine Cask Strength Old Line Whiskey, smoked maple syrup and chocolate bitters in a mixing glass and stir with ice.
Strain into a rocks glass over fresh ice.
Garnish with freshly grated nutmeg.

Photo by Ryan Mahony / Hermitage Farm

House Old Fashioned

by Miranda Densford, Beverage Director, Barn8 Restaurant & Bourbon Bar


2 oz. Old Forester Signature 100
1/4 oz. Foraged Hickory Bark Syrup*
2 dashes Angostura Bitters
1 dash Barn8 Housemade Orange Bitters**


In a mixing glass, combine all the ingredients.
Add ice to chill and stir until slightly diluted.
Strain the mixture into an old-fashioned glass filled with ice.
Garnish with an expressed orange peel.

Additional Notes

*At the restaurant, this is a rich syrup made in large batches.

*Foraged Hickory Bark Syrup


10 lbs Sugar in the Raw
5 lbs Water
1 quart Hickory Bark (broken into small pieces)


Combine sugar and water and heat over medium until sugar is dissolved, stirring frequently.
Stir in hickory bark.
Let infuse for 12-24 hours, then strain out bark.

**Housemade Orange Bitters


1 liter Vodka
1 pint Orange Peels


Combine vodka and orange peels and let infuse for two weeks in the refrigerator.
Strain and sweeten with simple syrup to taste.
Preferred substitute: Scrappy’s Orange Bitters.

Photo by Freight House

New Fashioned

by Freight House — Paducah, KY


2 oz. Rittenhouse Rye
1/4 oz. Pisa Nut Liqueur
8 dashes Woodford Reserve Chocolate Bitters
1 Orange Peel


In a rocks glass, express the orange peel and place pith side up.
Cover the pith with the bitters and muddle well.
Add small ice cubes, Rittenhouse Rye and Pisa liqueur.
Stir 5-6 times.
Garnish with a chocolate Pocky stick.

Photo by New Riff Distilling

Cracker Jack Old Fashioned

by Scott Augsburger, New Riff Distilling Aquifer Supervisor — Newport, KY


2 oz. Cracker Jack infused New Riff Bottled in Bond Bourbon*
1 bar spoon Rich Demerara**
3 dashes Angostura Bitters


Add all ingredients into a mixing glass, add ice, and stir.
Strain into a rocks glass over a large cube.
Garnish with a pinch of sea salt.

*Cracker Jack infused New Riff BIB Bourbon


1 ½ cups Cracker Jacks
750 ml (1 bottle) New Riff Bottled in Bond Bourbon


Using a measuring cup, measure 1-1/2 cups of cracker jacks, then blend them in a blender until they have turned into a fine powder.
Next, infuse the cracker jack powder in 750 ml (1 bottle) of New Riff Bottled in Bond Bourbon for 15-20 mins, stirring occasionally.
After infusing, strain the cracker jack bourbon through a cheesecloth or a coffee filter for a clearer infusion, and bottle.
The mixture lasts for months.

**Rich Demerara


Demerara Sugar


Take a pot and add 2 parts demerara sugar and 1 part water.
Heat on the stove over medium heat until the sugar is dissolved.
Stir frequently to help dissolve the sugar fast.
When the sugar is dissolved, let cool.
Then, bottle for later use.
Syrup lasts about 1 month.

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