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Our Favorite Ways to Bake with Rhubarb

Rhubarb, with its vibrant hue and tangy flavor, is a versatile ingredient that adds a delightful twist to all kinds of baked goods. From tarts and pies to cakes and muffins, there’s so many ways to incorporate rhubarb into any of your springtime bakes. 

Rhubarb and Almond Tart

If there were a tart that embodied springtime, this would be it. The addition of rhubarb to this delicate pastry’s nutty filling energizes a classic—and that chevron lattice isn’t too shabby either. 

Strawberry-Rhubarb Pie

Strawberry and rhubarb are a classic pairing for a reason. Slightly sour rhubarb holds its own against the natural sweetness of strawberries and their complementary hues of pink and red offer a burst of warm color.

Rhubarb-Ginger Muffins with Rhubarb-Vanilla Bean Streusel 

We love the tiny bursts of red that diced rhubarb brings to this tender treat’s batter. Ginger lends just the right amount of kick, and a vanilla bean streusel topping packs the perfect crunch.

Rhubarb Brown Sugar Cake

With both diced rhubarb inside and ample slices baked into the top, this Rhubarb Brown Sugar Cake has a one-of-a-kind texture and taste. Brown sugar and buttermilk give it a moist crumb and wholesome sweetness that make it perfect for breakfast or dessert.

Rhubarb and Browned Butter Tartlets

Is there anything that browned butter doesn’t turn into pure magic? Sweet, caramelized Browned Butter Filling in a delicate, homemade Pâte Sucrée is the perfect juxtaposition to the tangy rhubarb in these tartlets.

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