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The VinePair Podcast: Inside Infused Tequila’s Ascent With 21Seeds

As you know, dear reader, tequila is popular — like, really popular. And with the spirit’s meteoric rise comes all sorts of iterations, evolutions, and interpretations. For Kat Hantas, Nicole Hantas-Emanuel, and Sarika Singh, tequila served as a creative broth, one that was ready to be reimagined.

Like most delicious things, this story begins in the kitchen. Hantas, unable to find a truly approachable tequila that satisfied her taste buds, took matters into her own hands and began infusing tequila with cucumber, grapefruit, and whatever else she had lying around the kitchen.

She would bring these creations to parties, pouring infused tequila spritzes for her friends, who would go on to request bottle after bottle. What started as an exceptional party favor turned into 21Seeds, a women-led infused tequila brand that has experienced resounding success since its inception in 2019.

On this episode of the “VinePair Podcast,” Zach speaks to the 21Seeds co-founders about their roots, how they’ve zeroed in on back bars, and everything that changed (or didn’t) after 21Seeds’ acquisition by Diageo.

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This podcast is sponsored by 21Seeds.

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