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Mount Gay Launches Eclipse Navy Strength Rum

Mount Gay, an operational distillery since 1703, has launched a new limited-edition rum: Mount Gay Eclipse Navy Strength.

Made by master blender Trudiann Branker, Eclipse Navy Strength draws inspiration from naval history, where rum played an important role aboard ships. This tradition dates back to when sailors relied on rum’s flammability and potency to help ignite wet gunpowder, the company says.

This new release is bottled at 57.1% ABV.

Navy Strength matured two to four years, and contains a higher portion of older pot still rums. Flavors include roasted pineapple, banana, mocha and vanilla, according to distillery notes.

“When creating this new expression, I took inspiration from Mount Gay’s long history with sailing,” says Branker. “Given that Eclipse has been loved by sailors around the world since its launch in 1910, it made sense to experiment with the loved blend at Navy Strength. When I first tried it, I was blown away by the vibrancy of the flavor of the rum. Crafting it at Navy Strength was a thrilling experiment that paid off unveiling a rum that’s not only rich in flavor but also in history and tradition.”

Mount Gay Eclipse Navy Strength is now available throughout the U.S. for a suggested retail price of $29.99 per 700-ml. bottle.

This follows the launch of Mount Gay Single Estate Series 23_01 and the PX Sherry Cask Expression.

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