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Celebrate Martini Week with Junipero Gin in the Spirit of Community

Junipero Gin is gearing up to host its annual Martini Week.

This nationwide celebration invites Martini lovers to raise a glass in the spirit of building community. Participating bars and restaurants get to show off their original Martini recipes made with Junipero Gin, with each one sold contributing $2 to The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, a San Francisco-based non-profit organization of queer and trans nuns devoted to community service and activism, and other likeminded local organizations. We ask Page Stoup, Senior Brand Manager Gin and Rum, Hotaling and Co. to tell us more about Junipero Gin and Martini Week.

Tell us what inspires Martini Week?

Martini Week is inspired by raising a glass and building community. What started a short three years ago in San Francisco as a tribute to the birthplace of both the Martini and Junipero Gin, has since expanded to more cities like Oakland, Sacramento, Chicago, Atlanta, Nashville, Brooklyn, and Milwaukee. As a symbol of San Francisco’s eccentricity and Junipero’s pioneering spirit, Martini Week embodies the freedom to enjoy Martinis in any preferred style, reflecting the diverse tastes of its host cities. Celebrating the expressive versatility of the Martini and Junipero’s role in the American craft gin movement, Martini Week invites everyone to raise a glass to innovation and self-expression.

Why is this important to Junipero?

As a brand that is known for pursuing its own path, we see how supporting other likeminded spirits can bring people together for a greater cause; Something bigger with a larger impact. It is important to us that we support those in need and help them on their own paths and in turn hope that those folks will help build and strengthen their communities.

Tell us how Martini Week builds community.

This week-long celebration brings together Martini enthusiasts and novices alike to enjoy classic cocktails while supporting local organizations like The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence® and other likeminded local organizations. Participating bars and restaurants craft their own Martini recipes featuring Junipero Gin, promoting bold choices and individuality. For every Junipero Martini sold at our partner accounts Junipero will donate $2 to the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence and other likeminded local organizations.

What is it about the Martini that stands the test of time?

Its versatility is what allows the Martini to constantly find its way on to menus and home bars.  Without a doubt, Martinis have been instrumental to cocktail culture worldwide. But, firmly grounded as one of the greatest classics, a hot debate always comes up: where do Martinis come from? The answer? The San Francisco Bay Area. A reigning theory ties the origins of the Martini directly to the mid-1800s Gold Rush in Northern CA. Over the centuries the Martini’s prevalence is something to be admired. There is no one or right way to order a Martini – whether you like it dry or dirty, shaken or stirred, or with an olive or a twist – the art of ordering a Martini is something that is uniquely individual, much like this eccentric city that we call home.

Talk to us about some of the variations that accounts are creating.

Junipero had over 115 Partner Bars and Restaurants last year and 115 variations. Each partner account truly took the challenge to craft their own unique martini to heart. We saw classics variations of the Martini like Reverse Martinis, Turf Clubs, Martinezes and Vespers as well as interesting (and tasty) riffs like a Plaid Tuxedo which incorporates sherry, scotch, and maraschino in addition to the Junipero Gin. Creativity is the name of the game with this week, and it is always fun to see what our partners come up with to help us celebrate!

What’s up next for the brand?

Driven by the need to continue to push boundaries with daring new profiles, Junipero Gin is introducing its new Smoked Rosemary Forward Gin. It is a bold, 98.6 Proof, cocktail-forward expression that is a perfect extension of the Junipero flagship offering. It is also pretty damn good in a Martini as well!

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