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Top 10 bourbons you need to try in 2024

Bourbon continues to evolve all the time. New distillers emerge and old giants continue to produce exceptional spirits, filling our world with more deliciousness.  Our cup runneth over.

If you need help narrowing down which bourbon you should be tasting, then you’re in the right place. These bourbons represent a range of profiles and price points, showcasing the breadth and depth of American whiskey craftsmanship.

Top 10 Bourbons you need to try in 2024

Wild Turkey Rare Breed Bourbon (58.4%) Whiskey 70cl

Rare Breed is cask-strength, full-throttle bourbon that packs so much flavour it’s a wonder Americans haven’t done away with the bird and made consuming this turkey the Thanksgiving tradition. 

Four Roses Single Barrel 100 Proof Whiskey 70cl

The story of Four Roses is that when founder Paul Jones Jr. proposed to his beloved, she told him he would know her answer by attending an evening ball with a four-rose corsage. He renamed his entire brand to Four Roses, which would suggest she said yes. It’s a lovely tale, but even still, this whiskey might just be lovelier.  Rich, sweet, and complex, we will never get bored of a good glass of Four Roses. We really struggled to pick between this and Small Batch Select Whiskey. You, however, can just buy both. Treat yourself. 

FEW Bourbon Whiskey 70cl

FEW was one of the leading lights of the first wave of new bourbon makers that appeared on the scene a few years ago and the brand has made quite a name for itself with its tasty spirits. FEW Bourbon is packed full of toffee, clove, vanilla and warming spice goodness and looks pretty swanky to boot.  

Noah’s Mill (70cl) Whiskey

Proper bourbon drinkers know all about Noah’s Mill. It probably would be spoken about more, but they want it all to themselves. Bottled at a very generous 57.2% ABV – it’s a whiskey with a huge presence and loads of rich, fruity flavours.

Maker’s Mark Cask Strength Whiskey 70cl

Maker’s Mark is great, but have you had Maker’s Mark bottled at cask strength? Prepared to be blown away.

Wilderness Trail Single Barrel Bourbon Whiskey 70cl

Wilderness Trail is a favourite modern distillery of ours and once you try its Single Barrel releases you’ll get why. A bottled in bond whiskey made from a mash bill of 64% corn, 24% wheat and 12% malted barley, this is a creamy satisfying sipper. 

Charcoal & Cornmeal & Rickhouses & a Decade 10 Year Old Whiskey 70cl

A 10-year-old bourbon whiskey for that price. Need we say more? You just can’t go wrong with Charcoal & Cornmeal & Rickhouses & a Decade. 

Old Forester 1870 – Original Batch Whiskey 70cl

The Old Forester Whisky Row series pays tribute to the brand’s origins and as a nod to the original batching process used by Old Forester’s founder, George Garvin Brown, this Kentucky straight bourbon whiskey combines liquid from three different warehouses. The magic mix has served the distillery well because this is a beautiful drop. 

Heaven’s Door 10 Year Old Redbreast Master Blenders’ Edition Whiskey 70cl

Bob Dylan-backed Heaven’s Door teamed up with Irish legends Redbreast (namely master blenders Ryan Perry and Billy Leighton, respectively) to create a 10-year-old bourbon whiskey finished in casks that previously held Redbreast single pot still whiskey. Fascinating stuff.

Indiana Bourbon 3 Year Old 2019 Single Cask (Master of Malt) Whiskey 70cl

A wheated bourbon all the way from Indiana, this single cask expression is teaming with so much sweet, bready, doughy characteristics that it’s basically a hug in a bottle. We bottled this one up for very good reason.

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