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The Chilled 100 Bartenders Celebrate Creativity by Crafting Original Cocktails Made with Plymouth Gin

The Chilled 100 Bartenders celebrate creativity, heritage, and the art of mixology by crafting original cocktails made with Plymouth Gin.

This cocktail takes you on a flavor journey.  Has a little sweet, a little bitter, and a lot of weird.  A true misfit.

Salty Misfit

by Eliza Hoar Boston, MA – @ginhoar


1 oz Plymouth gin
3/4 oz lime
3/4 oz salted cucumber basil simple*
1/2 oz Suze
Top with raspberry olive oil**


*Cucumber Basil Syrup


360 grams thinly sliced cucumber
4 grams Malden salt
13 grams basil
24 oz water
24 oz sugar


Have the cucumber and Malden salt sit in container for 10 minutes so salt starts to pull out juices.
Put all ingredients in a blender and put on high for 20 seconds.
Strain with fine strainer or cheese cloth.

**Raspberry olive oil


1 clam shell raspberries
2-gram Malden salt
6 grams sugar
8 oz extra virgin olive oil


Put all ingredients in blender.
Blend on high for 15 seconds and fine strain or cheese cloth strain.
Put in dropper bottle.

Step into a realm of imaginative libations with me as I draw inspiration from the enchanting aisles of my neighborhood Asian market. Each visit feels like a journey to another world, fueling my creativity for crafting unique drinks.

The genesis of this concoction? A recent immersion in the captivating world of the television series “Shogun.” Transporting myself into the delicate persona of a Geisha, I envisioned a beverage that embodies elegance and sophistication.

In this ethereal libation, almond jelly lends a velvety touch, tantalizing the palate with its subtle texture. The addition of lotus root and orange bitters imparts an exquisite herbal essence, while the infusion of Pandan and jasmine cordial adds a burst of citrusy brightness.

My goal was to craft a cocktail that transcends the ordinary—a symphony of flavors that intrigues and captivates with its complexity. Join me on this sensory adventure as we explore new dimensions in mixology.


Pandan Requiem

by Bevin Biggers Houston, TX – @ohbevin


2 oz Plymouth Gin
1 oz Pandan and Jasmine Cordial*
½ oz Almond Jelly Juice
3 dashes Orange Bitters


Add Plymouth Gin, Pandan and Jasmine Cordial, Almond Jelly Juice, Orange Bitters to shaker.
Shake for 10-15 seconds.
Double strain over almond jelly ball.
Garnish with Lotus Root and Gomphrena Flower.

*Pandan and Jasmine Cordial


2.5 teaspoons of Jasmine tea
2.15 teaspoons of citric acid
1 teaspoon of malic acid
12oz of hot water


Infuse 2.5 teaspoons of Jasmine tea, 2.15 teaspoons of citric acid, and 1 teaspoon of malic acid with 12oz of hot water for 5 minutes.
Separately, roughly chop 1 3/4 cups Pandan leaves and add in a blender along with 1/2 cup of sugar and your strained infusion.
Blend at high speed 30 seconds.
Strain through coffee filter.
You can find Almond Jelly in a can at your local Asian Market.
The juice is in the can as well!
Garnish with Almond Jelly Ball, Lotus Root, Gomphrena Flower.

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