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Why the Best Paloma Cocktail Is Made With Tequila Ocho

They say that good things come in threes, but for Tequila Ocho, one could argue that they come in eights. The brand launched on Aug. 8, 2008, known as “Ocho Day,” when founder Tomas Estes and third-generation master distiller Carlos Camarena set out to create a world-class sipping and savoring tequila — a tequila that showcased agave and the land where it was grown. During product development, the eighth sample Camarena presented to Estes would become Tequila Ocho; the agave plants that yield its additive-free tequila take an average of eight years to mature. The synchronicities don’t stop there, but we will for now.

How Tequila Ocho Plata Enhances the La Paloma Ocho Cocktail

From family-owned ranchos in Arandas, Jalisco, where Blue Weber Agave is grown and tended under the watchful eye of Carlos Camarena and his family, comes Tequila Ocho Plata — crisp and bright with lively citrus notes, minerality, a touch of earthiness, and maximum agave essence. While this unaged, crystal-clear tequila is perfect for sipping on its own, there is one refreshing-tasting cocktail for which it’s particularly well suited: The Paloma.

And while there are myriad takes on this effervescent cocktail, the La Paloma Ocho comes together nicely in just a few simple steps. Freshly squeezed lime and grapefruit juice combined with homemade simple syrup complement Tequila Ocho Plata’s unique flavor profile, without masking its full and complex agave notes.

Served in a coarse salt-rimmed highball glass and topped off with a splash of sparkling water, Tequila Ocho’s dedication to producing unique, agave-forward spirits takes center stage in this summertime sipper.

La Paloma Ocho’s Roots

Pronounced “Pah-lo-ma,” the word means “dove” in Spanish. Some believe this cocktail is named after “La Paloma,” a popular folk song written in the 1860s, while others think it’s a play on “pomelo” or “grapefruit,” the foundational flavor of the drink. Salty, boozy, tart, effervescent, chilled, and pink — what’s not to love about this classic cocktail?

Many claim to have invented this citrusy libation; it’s credited to everyone from Texan bartender Evan Harrison to his rival, Manuel Gonzales, a tavern manager, who was said to have created La Paloma for a romantic flame. Some believe Don Javier Delgado Corona, the owner of La Capilla — the oldest bar in Tequila, Mexico — brought La Paloma to life. Regardless of who invented this tasty beverage, it’s stood the test of time alongside the Margarita, Chelada, and Michelada as one of Mexico’s most iconic cocktails.

Build a Better Paloma With Tequila Ocho

Tequila Ocho reveres Jalisco’s Blue Weber agave and heritage, producing elegant artisanal tequila imbued with the essence of the mineral-rich soils of the Jaliscan Highlands region. With its cool nights and 6,000-foot elevation, this area is celebrated for producing some of the most extraordinary tequilas in Mexico. There, nestled in the Jalisco Highlands, the Camarena family nurtures the agave on their ranchos with the utmost care and passion.

While current industry standards permit brands to add up to 1 percent of additives and still refer to themselves as 100 percent agave, Tequila Ocho chooses to remain completely additive-free. No preservatives, additives, flavorings, colorings, or artificial ingredients are used in Tequila Ocho products, yielding pure, flavorful, agave-forward spirits.

Tequila enthusiasts tend to opt for agave-based spirits that are pure and additive-free — whether for sipping or incorporating into craft cocktails. Tequila Ocho Plata brings a vivacious, fresh, and bright flavor profile to the La Paloma Ocho cocktail, allowing one to enjoy the subtleties and fullest expression of the unaltered agave plant.

As the world’s first additive-free, single-estate tequila brand that designates the location where the agave was grown, Tequila Ocho shines a light on terroir, a concept traditionally applied to wine. This notion of tasting a place may seem abstract, but it’s not difficult to imagine when sipping Tequila Ocho’s artisanal Reposado, Añejo, and Plata tequilas.

The Paloma, Elevated

Whether you choose to sip your La Paloma Ocho as an aperitif or alongside a summertime picnic spread, Tequila Ocho Plata will elevate your cocktail experience.

One of Tequila Ocho’s mantras says it all: “We look at terroir as the essence of time and place beyond the glass.” Add this terroir-focused tequila to your next round of Palomas and allow the love, hard work, and fine craftsmanship put into every bottle of Tequila Ocho to shine.

This article is sponsored by Tequila Ocho.

Drink with a Responsible Hand. Tequila Ocho 40% Alc./Vol., Imported by Ocho Asociados, Bardstown, KY.

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