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The 25 Best Sparkling Rosés for 2024

Sparkling rosé is the solution to almost any drinking dilemma. Popping a bottle of pink bubbly can add a festive touch to an impromptu celebration, provide the perfect pairing for a fine-dining menu, or get the conversation flowing at brunch. Plus, as the category of sparkling rosé continues to grow, there’s an increasingly diverse range of bottles to choose from to help match each occasion.

We tasted through hundreds of sparkling rosés at VinePair HQ to bring you the best from each category. There are classic bottles from Champagne with centuries of history behind them, playful pét-nats from Slovenia, inventive expressions from California, and terroir-driven wines from Long Island. This list covers the entire scope from great value-buys that you can have on hand to splurge-worthy finds for special moments.

With summer fast approaching, it’s time to stock up on these stunning pink wines. Here are the 25 best sparkling rosés for 2024.

Best Sparkling Rosés Under $25

Gruet Brut Rosé NV

The Gruet Winery focuses on sparkling wines made from Pinot Noir and Chardonnay in the Champagne method in New Mexico. While you don’t see a lot of wines from New Mexico out there, Gruet’s sparkling wines are always a reliable option on store shelves. This rosé offers bright red fruit notes of white flowers and wild strawberries. It’s crisp and balanced, and a great value.

Average price: $17
Rating: 90

Montinore Estate Vivacé Prosecco Rosé 2022

Montinore Estate is one of the largest biodynamic producers in the U.S., but for its bubbly, it draws from its Italian roots, partnering with a winery in Italy’s Veneto region to make this certified organic Prosecco. Vivacé is Italian for “in a brisk and spirited manner,” and this sentiment definitely applies to this crisp and vibrant wine. It has floral aromatics, notes of fresh berries, and refreshing bubbles.

Average price: $19
Rating: 90

Kir-Yianni Akakies Sparkling 2023

Sparkling Xinomavro from Greece? Sign us up. This grape variety local to the country offers a distinct and slightly savory flavor profile. The nose is brimming with herbaceous fruit like wild strawberries and brambly blackberries. The palate is soft and juicy with easy bubbles and a punchy finish. This is an extremely refreshing bottle perfect for pairing with Mediterranean cuisine.

Average price: $21
Rating: 92

Pierre Sparr Crémant d’Alsace Brut Rosé NV

Crémant d’Alsace represents one of the best values in French bubbly. This wine is 100 percent Pinot Noir from the high-elevation hillsides of the Vosges mountains. It’s made in the traditional method, and aged for 18 months on the lees prior to disgorgement. It’s bursting with concentrated notes of strawberries and cherries, with some slight savory hints throughout. A really delicious fruit-forward rosé at a stellar price.

Average price: $22
Rating: 91

Chandon Brut Rosé NV

Domaine Chandon is a winery in Napa with strong roots in Champagne. The estate was originally founded in 1973 as one of the first French-owned sparkling wine projects in the U.S. This rosé brings tart red fruit notes with hints of brioche. Its lively bubbles make it a great brunch bottle.

Average price: $23
Rating: 90

Best Sparkling Rosés Under $50

Kobal Bajta Rosé 2023

Slovenia is popping off with pét-nats. There are so many playful bottles coming out of this country, and this sparkling Blaufränkisch from Kobal in the Haloze Hills is one of our absolute favorites. It’s incredibly juicy and fresh, but with some more herbal characteristics that add complexity. The nose is bursting with notes of watermelon Jolly Rancher, cherries, and wild berries and the palate introduces notes of watermelon rind, mint, and basil.

Average price: $25
Rating: 92

Outward Wines Bassi Vineyard Pét-Nat of Pinot Gris 2023

OK, this isn’t technically a sparkling rosé, but it plays the role convincingly. This is a skin-contact Pinot Gris — so it’s really closer to an orange wine than a rosé — but in color, aroma, and flavor profile, it definitely comes across as a rosé. And it was too delicious not to mention on this list. The grapes come from the coveted Bassi Vineyard in California’s waterfront San Luis Obispo Coast AVA, giving the wine great freshness. It’s effusive on the nose, with bright aromas of white flowers, apricots, and a slight brioche character. The palate is subtle, with soft yet concentrated notes of peaches, grapefruit pith, and white cherries.

Average price: $34
Rating: 92

Bedell Cellars Sparkling Rosé 2022

It’s not often that you see a sparkling rosé made with Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot, but this example from Long Island shows that these grapes have the potential to make great bubbly in the right place — in this case Bedell’s sustainably farmed estate on the North Fork of Long Island. The wine has a creamy texture on the palate with notes of yogurt, berries, peaches, and green herbs. Plus the label sets the perfect backdrop for idyllic summer days.

Average price: $38
Rating: 90

Las Jaras Wines Sparkling 2020

Speaking of unexpected varieties, this bottle from Las Jaras is made with 100 percent old vine Carignan from California’s Mendocino county. Despite this grape’s reputation as bold and full-bodied, it takes on a light and airy profile in this bottling, coming in at just 11.83 percent ABV. It’s floral on the nose, and the palate has notes of fresh berries with whipped cream. It has an intense acidity, making it all the more refreshing.

Average price: $42
Rating: 90

Sparkling Pointe Topaz Impérial 2021

Sparkling Pointe is a winery on the North Fork of Long Island that focuses on estate-grown sparkling wines produced in the traditional method. This bottle is a blend of 45 percent Chardonnay, 40 percent Pinot Noir, and 15 percent Pinot Meunier. It has delicate notes of strawberries, white peaches, and brioche that are lifted by vibrant bubbles.

Average price: $44
Rating: 90

Best Sparkling Rosés Under $100

Ferrari Trento Perlé Rosé Riserva 2017

In 1902, Giulio Ferrari set out to create a wine in Italy’s Trentino region that could compete with Champagne. Today the Ferrari winery is keeping that dream alive, making refined sparkling wines under the Trentodoc denomination. This riserva bottling from 2017 is made with a blend of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay from the area’s mountainous vineyards and is aged for a minimum of 47 months on the lees. It offers notes of fresh citrus like orange and pink grapefruit, strawberries, and minerals.

Average price: $52
Rating: 92

Reichsrat von Buhl Rosé Sekt 2019

We suggested you start paying attention to Pinot Noir from Germany in our list of the best Pinot Noirs for 2024 earlier this year. Well now we’re adding sparkling rosé of Pinot Noir from Germany to your watch list. This wine from the Pfalz region presents strawberries, blueberries, orchard fruit, and a subtle cheese note on the palate with high acid and a chalky minerality. It’s wonderfully complex yet easy-drinking at the same time.

Average price: $52
Rating: 93

Gloria Ferrer Brut Rosé 2020

Tucked between Napa and Sonoma, Carneros is known for its cool, windy climate that makes it ideal for Chardonnay and Pinot Noir production. The Ferrer family, with generations of winemaking experience in Spain, emigrated to the U.S. in the 1980s, and saw the potential for sparkling wine production in Carneros — eventually becoming the first winery focused on sparkling wine in the area. This brut rosé is made with 92 percent Pinot Noir and 8 percent Chardonnay and offers notes of tart nectarines and white cherries with bright acidity and minerality.

Average price: $60
Rating: 92

St. Innocent Cremant Rosé 2019

St. Innocent makes elegant, site-specific Pinot Noirs from across Oregon’s Willamette Valley — one of which was listed on VinePair’s 50 best wines of 2023. So we had high hopes for this sparkling rosé, and it delivered. This is a blend of Pinot Noir and Pinot Blanc from the high-elevation Freedom Hill Vineyard. The palate has red berries, cream, citrus and some earthy, yeasty notes that add complexity.

Average price: $60
Rating: 92

Veuve Clicquot Brut Rosé NV

While Veuve Clicquot’s classic yellow label is ubiquitous in the realm of sparkling wine, it’s time you try this popular producer’s brut rosé. It has notes of ripe strawberries, cherries, and orange zest on the palate. It’s crisp and balanced, and sure to be a crowd-pleaser.

Average price: $60
Rating: 90

R.H. Coutier Cuvee Rosé NV

R.H. Coutier is a fifth-generation family estate located in the grand cru village of Ambonnay in the south of the Montagne de Reims in Champagne. The winery works with 23 acres of estate vines across 40 plots. The rosé is made with 60 percent Chardonnay and 40 percent Pinot Noir aged on the lees for a minimum of three years. The high percentage of Chardonnay gives this wine a lively energy and bright acidity, while still providing some richness. It’s brimming with notes of cranberries, strawberries, blood orange, and brioche.

Average price: $64
Rating: 92

Champagne Lanson Le Rosé NV

This Champagne house has over 60 years of rosé-making experience under its belt, and it shows in this bottle. It’s made from a blend of Pinot Noir (53 percent), Chardonnay (32 percent), and Pinot Meunier (15 percent), sourced from 100 different crus across the region. The palate delivers gentle bubbles with flavors of cheesecake topped with berry compote, and tart strawberry tops.

Average price: $70
Rating: 90

Perrier-Jouët Blason Rosé NV

This elegant rosé Champagne is perfect to toast any occasion. Inside the beautiful bottle is a well-balanced wine made from 50 percent Pinot Noir, 25 percent Chardonnay, and 25 percent Pinot Meunier. It has aromas of pink grapefruit and ripe berries and a wonderful structure on the palate with refreshing acidity and lively bubbles.

Average price: $75
Rating: 90

Piper-Heidsieck Champagne Rosé Brut NV

Can you tell we have a thing for Champagne? This is another lovely option from France’s unofficial sparkling wine capital. The color is a bit deeper when compared to some of the other rosés here, and that comes with some more intense notes of blackberry jam, cherries, and blood orange. This is a great option for a bolder, more fruit-forward bottle.

Average price: $75
Rating: 90

Champagne Henriot Rosé NV

Champagne Henriot’s winemaking approach prioritizes the art of blending, so the estate set out to craft a rosé that reflects this philosophy. This wine is a skillful blend of the three major Champagne grapes — Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, and Pinot Meunier — from both reserve and current vintage wines, with an additional 10 percent of still red wine to give the rosé its signature color and flavor profile. The result is a rich expression of rosé with notes of berries covered in powdered sugar and brioche. The concentrated flavors are lifted by delicate bubbles.

Average price: $80
Rating: 93

Champagne Palmer Rosé Solera NV

This rosé sets itself apart by incorporating wine from a solera system, a technique most widely recognized in sherry production in southern Spain. Eight percent of this bottling is Pinot Noir from Champagne Palmer’s 40-year-old solera system, adding great complexity to the final wine. It offers distinct notes of strawberries, pomegranate, and spice with a round, creamy texture from extended time aging on the lees.

Average price: $95
Rating: 93

Best Sparkling Rosés Over $100

Champagne Billecart-Salmon Brut Rosé NV

Champagne Billecart-Salmon started in 1818 when Nicolas François Billecart and Elisabeth Salmon were married. Now the seventh generation of the family continues their tradition of making thoughtful and elegant wines. Billecart-Salmon’s Brut Rosé is lithe and energetic with pops of raspberry and citrus notes throughout. There’s a slightly creamy texture on the palate, lifted by a steady perlage.

Average price: $100
Rating: 94

Laurent-Perrier Cuvée Rosé NV

Laurent-Perrier’s iconic Cuvée Rosé is renowned for its distinct, deep pink color. The liquid lives up to its flashy appearance with deep notes of red fruit and hints of brioche. The wine finishes with a creamy, rounded texture on the palate.

Average price: $100
Rating: 92

Veuve Clicquot La Grande Dame Rosé 2015

If you’re searching for a truly indulgent bottle, look to La Grande Dame. This wine is a tribute to the pioneering spirit of Madame Clicquot (known as the grande dame of Champagne), who created the first known blended rosé Champagne in 1818. The 2015 vintage, made with 90 percent Pinot Noir and 10 percent Chardonnay, offers great concentration and structure. The nose presents notes of citrus, raspberries, and freshly baked rhubarb pie. The palate is extremely well balanced with a rounded texture and vibrant acidity.

Average price: $320
Rating: 94

Krug Rosé 28ème Édition

Whether or not a wine is ever truly worth upwards of $400 is a philosophical debate we won’t get into here, but if you’re someone who is interested in spending such an amount of money on a bottle of wine, Krug is always a wonderful option. The 28th edition of the Krug Rosé brings the Champagne house’s signature richness with notes of vanilla, ripe fruit, and pastry dough. There’s also a distinct minerality and blazing acidity that lifts up the palate.

Average price: $425
Rating: 92


What Is Sparkling Rosé?

Sparkling rosé is a sparkling wine that is either made entirely with red wine grapes or a blend of red and white wine grapes.

Is Sparkling Rosé Sweet?

Sparkling rosé can range from bone dry to extremely sweet, depending on how it is made.

Is Pink Champagne the Same as Sparkling Rosé?

Though all pink Champagne is considered sparkling rosé, not all sparkling rosé is pink Champagne. While the general category of sparkling rosé encompasses wines made all around the world from all types of grapes, rosé Champagne is made only in the Champagne region of France, from Pinot Noir, Pinot Meunier, and Chardonnay grapes.

VinePair’s Tasting Methodology: How We Rate

Throughout the year, VinePair conducts numerous tastings for our popular Buy This Booze column and wine and spirits reviews. Our mission is to offer a clear, reliable source of information for drinkers, providing an overview applicable to day-to-day buying and drinking.

In alignment with our reviews mission, we believe in purposefully tasting all products as our readers typically would, with full knowledge of the producer, the region, and — importantly — the price. Tastings are therefore not typically conducted blind.

For this Buy This Booze roundup, we included a maximum of one expression per brand, though we did allow multiple products from the same production facility (i.e., released under different labels).

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