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5 Essential Cocktails for June 2024

Each month Chilled presents you with five essential cocktails based on our National Drink Day Calendar. Don’t forget to reference it so you can prepare for the upcoming holidays.

If you are searching for cocktail creativity, the search ends here. With summer stretching thedays longer, now is the time to get your creative juice flowing, in imagination and spirits. As the seasons change, it becomes the ideal opportunity to revamp and refresh your menu.

Wave goodbye to the cozy and warm drinks and welcome something new and exciting. Let one of these cocktails spark your imagination and evoke creativity to rescue those in a cocktail rut.

Don’t let June pass by without giving one of these five essential cocktails a go.

The Spicy Mojo

National Olive Day on June 1 begs to be celebrated with a martini. While this cocktail has always held its charm, the dirty martini is back in the spotlight due to the TikTok trends. This cocktail embodies the two elements all martinis should have: olive brine and vodka. Yet the added pickle juice and a splash of hot sauce take this to the next level.

Pineapple Punch Bowl

The first of the month is going to be a party. On June 1, celebrate National Bubbly Day with the Pineapple Punch Bowl. It’s the perfect drink to serve as the weather gets warmer and the days get longer. Big-batch cocktails make hosting a breeze. The sweet pineapple juice gets offset by the punch from the tequila and the slight bitterness from the Campari. This one will definitely be a crowd-pleaser.

Rosé Mojito

Nothing screams summer more than a Mojito. This one is just the thing to add to any bar menu transitioning from spring to summer. On National Rosé Day (6/8), shake up this refreshing cocktail for those who want to celebrate. It has all the usual suspects of that old-as-time drink with the addition of a rosé to add that fruity element.

Amaro and Stormy

National Dark and Stormy Day (6/9) is the best time to dust off the cobwebs from this cocktail. The oldie but a goodie is perfect for those seeking something tasty while sticking to that low-ABV lifestyle. The Amaro and Stormy is a delightful option for a warm spring day, where you’ll get fresh mint and zesty lime in each sip.

Grilled Peach Old Fashioned

While the original Old Fashioned might not be for everyone, this one has the potential. On June 14, celebrate National Old Fashioned Day with something new. This seasonal take adds some extra sweetness to the cocktail while not overpowering that classic flavor. It will stand apart from others on the menu and give your patrons something fresh to sip and savor.

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