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Lionel Messi Launches New Sports Drink Más+

Lionel Messi has a new venture off the field. On Tuesday, the Argentine soccer icon announced the release of his new sports drink: Más+ by Messi.

According to a press release, Messi claims he would struggle to find the proper product to hydrate him on the field, so he sought to create his own drink to provide the perfect balance between function and flavor. Messi adds that he believes hydration should be a focus for any consumer, not just those playing sports.

“Hydration is essential to overall wellbeing,” Messi said in the release. “I believe everyone deserves a drink with amazing ingredients and taste.”

The result is Más+, a beverage containing a blend of electrolytes, vitamins, and natural flavors with no artificial flavors or sweeteners. Each 16.9-ounce bottle contains 10 calories and 1 gram of cane sugar.

The drink will be available in four flavors — Miami Punch, Orange d’Or, Berry Copa Crush, and Limón Lime League — each representing a milestone in Messi’s life and career. According to the release, the name Màs+ (meaning “more” in Spanish) signifies how Messi chooses to live his life every day, always finding more to give.

The energy and sports-drink market is rapidly becoming a crowded space. Even though this product is backed by a world-famous athlete, it still joins a competitive field, and it’s already facing some backlash for its familiar branding. This launch is another step into the non-alcoholic market for Mark Anthony Brands, which entered the category with White Claw 0% in December 2023.

On June 13, a limited supply of Más+ will drop in a local store in Miami — where Messi currently resides — for an exclusive group of lucky fans. After this debut, individual bottles and Commemorative Special Edition Variety Packs (containing two 16.9-ounce bottles of all four flavors) will be available online in the U.S. starting June 14. In July, new variety packs with 12-ounce cans of all four flavors will be available nationwide.

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