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The Pioneering Process of Mayenda Tequila Reposado Double Cask [Infographic]

Sponsored by Mayenda Tequila.

For some, the story of tequila begins in the sky where gods and goddesses dwell. According to Aztec legend, the feathered serpent god Quetzalcoatl fell in love with Mayahuel, the goddess of fertility, and spirited her away to earth to escape the unwavering eye of her possessive grandmother. In a moment of transformation, Mayahuel was reborn as an agave plant, one imbued with extraordinary properties. Today, she is known as the goddess of agave.

For Mayenda Tequila, this legend serves as a guiding light for the artistry and enchantment of authentic Mexican tequila. Each of Mayenda’s premium sipping tequilas honors the ancestry of the agave plant through a meticulous and dedicated production process.

Crafted at Casa San Nicolás (Norma Oficial Mexicana 1440) in Jalisco, Mexico, Mayenda debuted its luxury Tequila Blanco last April. Under the passion, precision, and prowess of maestro tequilero Jesús Susunaga Acosta and his team in Jalisco, Mayenda is ready to unveil its latest super-premium offering: Mayenda Reposado Double Cask.

The team’s exemplary distillation process adds two extra steps of craft and care to production. Before the final distillation, the roasted agave piñas are macerated in their base distillate, inviting the aroma and flavor of caramelized, cooked agave to the final liquid. The final distillate is blended with agave miel, the cherished honey of the agave plant. With these two extra steps, Mayenda is pioneering a new standard of tequila-making.

To create Mayenda Reposado Double Cask, an additional step is integrated into the complex process: The spirit ages at least six months in new European or American oak casks. The American oak barrels impart notes of butterscotch and honey, while the European barrels provide cinnamon, red apple, and chamomile flavors.

Double cask aging unites the contrasting yet complementary profiles of the European and American Oak casks while preserving the essence of Mayenda Tequila Blanco. From start to finish, Mayenda’s pioneering process safeguards layers of agave flavor, while the added aging process enhances every nuance. Whether the liquid rests in European or American casks, every drop from different barrels is expertly blended by Acosta for consistency, flavor, texture, and refinement.

Let’s dive deeper into what makes the ultra-premium Mayenda Reposado Double Cask such a pleasurable pour.

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