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Classic Cookies: Your Guide to Timeless Treats

There’s a reason why classic cookies stand the test of time. From the melt-in-your-mouth comfort of a chocolate chip cookie to the delightful spice of a snickerdoodle, these sweet treats offer a taste of nostalgia and pure deliciousness. This collection features all your favorites and are guaranteed to satisfy your cookie cravings and create lasting memories in the kitchen. Happy baking! 

Black Cocoa Sandwich Cookies

Just like the Oreo® sandwich cookies of your childhood—only bigger, better, and baked completely from scratch

Peanut Butter Cookies

Chewy and packed with rich, nutty flavor, this fuss-free recipe for Peanut Butter Cookies checks all the boxes. Plus, it’s the supersize bakery style you know and love marked with the crosshatch pattern. 

Iced Animal Crackers

These Iced Animal Crackers remind our editor-in-chief Brian Hart Hoffman of his favorite brand of animal cookies when he was a kid. A thin glaze of royal icing is painted onto the cookies, which settles in the imprints of the design and dries to a crisp finish that makes the shapes pop. Shop the animal cookie cutters we used for these cookies here

Chewy Brown Sugar Cookies

These crispy-edged, chewy-centered Chewy Brown Sugar Cookies get a double dose of rich caramel flavor from browned butter and C&H® Light Brown Sugar.

Classic Shortbread

Thanks to this dough’s wet nature and soft crumb, it holds shape and design better than any other biscuit on the block, so you can press it into any mold you like. Our Classic Shortbread is crumbly, buttery bliss.

Our Favorite Chocolate Chip Cookies

If you’re looking for the ultimate crowd- pleasing chocolate chip cookie, Our Favorite Chocolate Chip Cookies is it! They’re chewy but crisp and chock-full of rich chocolate fèves.

Rainbow Sprinkle Sugar Cookies

Rainbow sprinkles bring crunch and color to these tender drop cookies. They’ll be the stars of your bake sale spread!


If you’ve been searching for the ultimate snickerdoodle, congratulations! You found it. An enduring cookie classic, our Snickerdoodles recipe is the pinnacle of chewy, tangy, and richly spiced magic. 

Chewy Oatmeal-Raisin Cookies

These grown-up–portioned treats bake up soft from edge to edge and will stay that way for several days thanks to moisture-attracting brown sugar and soft raisins in the cookie dough. Feel free to add a handful of chopped nuts if you like.


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