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5 Spritzes to Sip This Summer

This summer, one of the big trends in the cocktail scene will be the rise of spritz.

Now that it’s patio season, patrons will seek out the nearest bar and restaurant that serves the most refreshing and delicious cocktail. Spritzes are loved for their light and low ABV attributes. They often have some sort of liqueur that is the main star of the show, topped with sparkling water and garnished with seasonal fruit. If there was ever a time to add a spritz to your bar menu, the time is now.

Here are four summer spritzes to help bring forth some new cocktail inspiration.

Limoncello Spritz

Created with simple ingredients that are more than likely on the bar back, this Limoncello Spritz will transport you to the Amalfi Coast instantly. While Limoncello is traditionally served as a digestif for after a meal, its versatility makes it suitable for multiple occasions. Its bright and citrusy flavors offer a refreshing choice to cleanse the palette.

Siegel’s Spritzer

With its blend of flavors and vibrant presentation, the Siegle’s Spritzer is bound to become a favorite this summer. It’s refreshing and bursting with seasonal flavors to capture the essence of the warm weather in every sip. The best part about cocktail-making is the creativity. If strawberries or blackberries are more abundant in the area, opt for those instead of strawberries. The possibilities are endless.

Yuzu Spritz

In 2023, Yuzu was one of the top flavors of the year, so keep the trend going and add a Yuzu Spritz to the summertime menu. It blends Japanese-inspired ingredients to evoke an international culinary experience. The tangy flavor of Yuzu offers a beautiful balance of herbal essences mixed with sour-citrusy notes.

Blood Orange Spritz

This bold blend of citrus will make any hot summer day feel breezy and cool. The cocktail is balanced by the earthy and warm notes from the turmeric ginger syrup. Each sip offers a burst of flavors that will elevate any occasion. Serve this alongside a brunch or happy hour menu for a sensory delight.

Grapefruit Spritz

This Grapefruit Spritz is a simple option if you’re looking for something a little boozier than the rest. The bright acidity from the grapefruit-flavored vodka is the perfect match for the herbaceous rosemary syrup. It elevates the flavor profile by giving it a woody sweetness.

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