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Stuff You Won’t Want to Miss at Bar Convent Brooklyn this Year

Bar Convent Brooklyn, June 11th and 12th, in Industry City brings a unique opportunity to meet, connect, and celebrate liquid culture with fellow bar, restaurant, and spirits industry professionals.

Bar Convent Brooklyn is an event for spirit-loving folks to get together and grow together in a space that promotes sustainability, diversity, and innovation in the bar industry. We ask Jackie Williams, Event Vice President of Bar Convent Brooklyn to tell us what we should expect and what we won’t want to miss at tomorrow’s event.

What sets Bar Convent Brooklyn apart from other industry events, and why do you think it’s important for professionals to attend from the beverage sector?

Since the inaugural show in 2018, Bar Convent Brooklyn has been a welcoming and collaborative environment that discusses and celebrates liquid culture.

We carefully cultivate compelling programming that educates the industry through seminars, panels, tasting rooms and a vibrant show floor, home to hundreds of exhibitors that serves as a hub for industry friends to network, discuss their favorite spirits, discover new brands, and share feedback and insights on recent trends.

Can you share any highlights or exciting developments we can expect at Bar Convent Brooklyn this year?

We’ll have expanded space within Industry City that will accommodate additional exhibitors, complemented by engaging courtyard programming throughout both days.

Our international pavilions will have returning favorites like Italy, Japan, and Peru, alongside newcomers such as Canada. More exciting additions are yet to be revealed, but they promise to offer diverse and enriching experiences.

What are some of the key trends and topics that will be addressed at Bar Convent Brooklyn this year and why are they important?

Attendees can expect engaging topics in our education sessions that explore international perspectives, techniques, and traditions that shape the hospitality and beverage industries. This includes discussions on various hospitality styles, specifically within the Middle East, alongside other growing trends on a global scale.

We’ll also have several sessions focused on career growth and skill development within the hospitality industry, where speakers will discuss leadership training for bar owners and managers, different paths to becoming beverage directors and how to build successful on-trade programs.

Talk to us about the educational component of BCB.

This year’s Bar Convent Brooklyn will see more than 50 education sessions across the Main Stage, Liquid Lounges and Park Street University.

Our education committee has carefully curated the Main Stage sessions and is comprised of leading industry experts, including:

Lynnette Marrero (BCB Brooklyn Head of Education), Speed Rack,, Award Winning Bartender
Tiffanie Barriere, The Drinking Coach
Derek Brown, Positive Damage, Inc.
Fatima Butler, Rooted in Hospitality
Touré Folkes, Turning Tables
Julie Reiner, Clover Club, Milady’s, Leyenda
Sarah Troxell, St ~ Germain Brand Ambassador

What advice would you give to visitors looking to make the most out of their experience at Bar Convent Brooklyn?

For attendees looking to make the most out of their experience at Bar Convent Brooklyn, I would advise them to prioritize networking and engagement. Take advantage of the diverse education sessions and panel discussions to gain insights from industry experts and thought leaders. Be sure to look at the exhibitor list on the website to see which brands you know you want to see – but also be sure to make time to explore the many new brands that we will have at the event. And most importantly, engage with your peers, share experiences, and build meaningful connections that can enrich your professional journey. By actively participating in the vibrant ecosystem of Bar Convent Brooklyn, visitors can truly maximize their experience and contribute to the collective growth of the industry.

How does attending BCB Brooklyn benefit professionals in the beverage industry?

Attending Bar Convent Brooklyn is an invaluable experience for industry professionals as it provides them with a wealth of knowledge and inspiration to take back to their bars and elevate their craft, including the latest trends, introductions to new spirits, how to provide better hospitality and so much more.

Can you provide examples of innovative products/trends that will be showcased at BCB Brooklyn that have inspired you and others on your team?

At Bar Convent Brooklyn, we’re constantly inspired by innovative products and trends that shape the beverage industry.

Platforming spirits trends, such as the rise in terroir-driven gin, the demand for non-alcoholic spirits, and the growth of lesser-known spirits like sweet-potato shochu, will be highlighted in this year’s event, showcasing the industry’s capacity for experimentation and diversity.

We’re also excited about the continued emphasis on workplace wellbeing and safety. Specifically, guests can expect sessions highlighting mental health, bartender advocacy programs, and more. Keep an eye out for this upcoming year’s full education schedule!

How does BCB Brooklyn support and showcase diversity and inclusivity within the beverage industry?

Bar Convent Brooklyn is dedicated to fostering diversity and inclusivity within the beverage industry. We actively seek to amplify underrepresented voices in the industry, ensuring that our platform is inclusive and accessible to all.

Our commitment is reflected in our educational programming, which features a diverse array of speakers and topics representing various perspectives and backgrounds. Furthermore, the official charitable partner for this year’s event is Another Round, Another Rally, a nonprofit financial and educational resource for the hospitality industry.

Initiatives like our international pavilions provide opportunities for exhibitors from around the world to showcase their unique cultures and products, further enriching the diversity of experiences at our event.

Can you discuss any initiatives or programs that BCB has implemented to support practices shown within the beverage industry (for example, sustainability, DEI).

Bar Convent Brooklyn is dedicated to managing its carbon emissions across various operations and is actively collaborating with stakeholders to achieve net zero carbon emissions by 2040.

Some practices that visitors can expect include waste reduction initiatives, such as minimizing signage, composting cocktail waste, and increased recycling efforts, including the utilization of recycled shell schemes and sustainability-made staff uniforms.

How does BCB Brooklyn contribute to the growth and development of emerging brands and entrepreneurs?

Each year, we have a dedicated Emerging Brands Pavilion, and this year is no different. The Emerging Brands Pavilion, which is sponsored by Park Street, will host 27 first year exhibiting and new venture brands and allows them to gain exposure on the show floor by presenting their product for attendees to taste and enjoy.

Looking ahead, what are your goals and aspirations for the future of Bar Convent Brooklyn?

Our goals for the future of Bar Convent Brooklyn are multifaceted. Firstly, our main objective is to continue to expand the show with more exhibitors and experiences to foster and cultivate more learning and networking opportunities for both exhibitors and attendees.

We aim to continue our commitment to sustainability, building upon our pioneering initiatives such as composting cocktail waste and using sustainability-made uniforms. We want to set new standards for industry events, not just in terms of sustainability, but also in providing top-notch education programming and networking opportunities to help industry professionals continue to grow their businesses.

Additionally, we aspire to further expand our international reach, welcoming more exhibitors and visitors from diverse backgrounds and cultures. Ultimately, we strive to maintain Bar Convent Brooklyn as the premier platform for industry professionals to engage, learn, and innovate in the dynamic world of spirits and beverages.

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