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Nine of the best natural mood boosters to improve your wellbeing

What is a good mood booster?

Good rest, a healthy diet, and gentle exercise form a great basis for your mood. If you want to lift yourself a little higher, take yourself on a nature walk and listen to birdsong, or dance around the living room to songs from your childhood.

Can I boost my mood?

Here are some quick-fire ways to boost your mood:

1. Experience nature. A view out the window or a moment with a pot plant will do just fine.

2. Cut into an orange and breathe in the scent.

3. Speak to a loved one.

Best natural mood boosters

Let’s take a closer look at some simple mood boosters with a big impact.

 1. Improve your sleep


    Without a good night’s sleep, everything seems more of a struggle. There are plenty of factors that contribute to how well you sleep, from having clean sheets to your general health. But if you’re struggling to get a silent night, there are natural mood boosters you can try.

    Valerian root has been used for centuries as a sleep aid. Some scientific studies show that it can be used to help people with moderate cases of insomnia. Find out more about valerian root for sleep in this blog post.

    We use valerian root in our Nightcap elixir, to help you unwind at the end of the day.

     2. Enjoy a healthy diet


    What goes into your body affects how you feel. We’re constantly amazed by the bounty of ingredients produced by the natural world and the effects they can have.

    Take apple cider vinegar. This ingredient is packed full of antioxidants and could even reduce blood pressure. Ginger can boost your metabolism, pomegranate molasses can aid digestion, and watermelon extract aids circulation.

     3. Smell an orange

    There’s more to nature’s bounty than taste. Some plants and fruits have fragrances that can change how you feel. The natural oils in citrus fruits are natural mood boosters, so by cutting into an orange and gently breathing in the scent, you could find your mood uplifted. To take it one step further, use essential oils like lemon, grapefruit, or bergamot around your home.

     4. Dance


    Get yourself moving for an instant mood booster. And there’s no better way than to dance like nobody’s watching. Queue up a playlist of your favourite songs, clear the floor, and unleash your inner samba champion. As you tear up the dance floor, dancing sets off happiness-emitting endorphins and suppresses stress-causing cortisol.

    5. Take a nature walk

    Take yourself for a walk. Look closely at the plants and insects. Enjoy the scenes playing out in the natural world. There’s plenty of research about how nature positively impacts our mental health, with Mind saying it can reduce feelings of stress and make you more relaxed. Time in nature can even help with anxiety and depression.

    6. Listen to the birds

    If you want to find positive thoughts and tune into the world around you, take a moment to listen to birdsong. Can you hear any repeated tunes? Do you know which feathered friends are visiting the space around you? If you don’t have a garden or a park nearby, listen to the sounds of nature remotely.

    7. Switch out alcohol

    One simple way to boost your mood is to cut out alcohol. Alcohol is a natural depressant, with plenty of undesirable side effects. But that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy creative drinks that set the mood.

    Browse the virtual shelves of the Three Spirit shop to find a drink that’s right for you. Social Elixir raises spirits and enhances connection, to soothe and keep you connected. Livener is our most invigorating drink. It comes with euphoric feels and leaves you feeling energised. For those who prefer to wind down with a soothing drink, Nightcap could be the perfect choice. Lemon balm, valerian, and hops soothe the mind in this drink designed to help you unwind.

     8. Hug


    Hugging has been off the cards for a long time, but now we’re back to that sweet embrace. And it never felt so good. When you find a moment to squeeze your friends and family, savour it. Really feel the warmth of their hands on your back and let that long lost cuddle lift your spirits.

    9. Talk to someone you care about

    Speaking with our loved ones can change our mood completely. Sit down with a friend and chat over a Social Cold Brew, or pick up the phone and catch up with an old pal.

    Socialising is a great natural mood booster. You’ll smile. You’ll laugh. You’ll reminisce. That’s why we wanted to create a potion fit for social occasions, something packed with ingredients that get you ready to mingle. The result is the Three Spirit Social Elixir, full of cacao, lion’s mane, and damiana. And if you need an excuse to invite someone round, trying out a new and mysterious non-alcoholic drink could be just the ticket. 

    The best natural mood boosters are all around you — ways to make you laugh, relax, and feel invigorated. It’s natural to feel gentle changes in your mood, but don’t forget to talk to a medical professional if you have concerns about your mental health. However you’re feeling today, tomorrow, and the next day, take a moment to look after yourself.

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