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Our best non-alcoholic cocktail ideas

Non-alcoholic cocktails provide the best of both worlds. You don’t have to worry about the effects of alcohol on your mind and body, but they still taste delicious and can change up the mood. We’ll raise a glass to that.

Drinking cocktails is all about how it makes us feel. We sip on them for enjoyment, to relax, to feel those taste explosions. Sifting through non-alcoholic cocktail recipes can be part of the fun, so we’ve curated our top three non-alcoholic drinks to inspire your cocktail hour, plus a few bonus extras.

Top alcohol-free cocktail recipes

Let’s start with the main event. These are our top suggestions for alcohol-free cocktails — the drinks to help you celebrate, wind down, or socialise. They’re full of plant-powered goodness and tastes you’ll want to savour.

Livener Daiquiri

First up, it’s the Livener Daiquiri. When you’re sipping this vibrant combination of lime and Three Spirit Livener, you’ll almost imagine you’re kicking back on a Cuban beach.

Livener Daquiri


  • 60ml Three Spirit Livener
  • 20ml lime juice
  • 1 teaspoon demerara sugar


Add ingredients into an ice-filled cocktail shaker (or jam jar) and shake hard. Strain into a cocktail glass or blend, if that’s your thing!

Get creative! This daiquiri works great with extra ingredients, like fresh berries or juicy watermelon. Make it your own or just keep it classic.

Electric Cosmopolitan

Our next top alcohol-free cocktail is a throwback to the ‘90s, serving New York City vibes and a sharp combination of powerful fruits. It’s the Electric Cosmopolitan.

Three Spirit Electric Cosmopolitan 


  • 50ml Livener
  • 50ml cranberry juice
  • 10ml lime juice 


Add to an ice-filled cocktail shaker or jam jar and shake hard. Strain into a chilled cocktail glass. Garnish with candied cranberries and a wheel of dried orange. Fresh orange is also good.

Social Spritz

The final non-alcoholic cocktail in our line-up is a simple mix with a fruity flavour. The Social Spritz is the perfect party mocktail.

Social Spritz


  • 50ml Social Elixir
  • 25ml blackcurrant cordial – we like Rocks Soda
  • Orange wheel


Add Three Spirit and cordial to a large hi-ball glass. Pack the glass with cubed ice and top with soda. Garnish with a wheel of orange and give it a quick stir.

Which cocktail is best?

The best alcohol-free cocktail is the one that you enjoy, that lifts your mood, or that hits your taste buds in all the right places. Do you like your drinks fruity? Or perhaps you’re partial to a spicy affair? Here are some more of our best alcohol-free cocktail recipes to inspire your creations.

If you want to recreate a popular cocktail, try sipping on a Soft P*rn* Martini, a lively mix of passionfruit, pomegranate, and Three Spirit Livener.

Or for a warming winter mocktail, mix up a Zen Hot Toddy. This spiced concoction of maple syrup, cloves and star anise gets its central flavour from Three Spirit Nightcap.

What can I drink to relax instead of alcohol?

Different things make different people relax — perhaps laughing at a stand-up comedy helps you unwind more than a soothing playlist. It’s the same with drinks. While some people choose alcoholic cocktails to relax, we prefer the power of functional plants.

There’s plenty of choice when it comes to relaxing non-alcoholic drinks. Let’s look at the ingredients first. Valerian is a traditional sleep aid, used for centuries to help people drift into a silent night. Lemon balm is another popular choice, a citrusy ingredient used to help you feel soothed. Willow bark has a soothing effect, and can help reduce aches and pains. If this sounds like your idea of relaxation, our Nightcap elixir is packed with these ingredients.

If socialising and stimulating your mind is more your thing, then look towards ingredients like cacao and green tea. Cacao has a strong history of use in shamanic healing ceremonies, with properties that lift your mood and bring your mind into focus. You’ve probably experienced a cup of green tea before and know the energising result. We’ve mixed both of these ingredients into the Three Spirit Social Elixir for a tuned-in experience.

What are good cocktail drinks?

Anything cocktails do, we can do better. 

A huge range of fruits, herbs, and spices can all go into creating alcohol-free cocktails, with some of the best creations powered by plants. Just add a splash of a Three Spirit elixir and a fancy garnish, and you’re ready to go. We’ve put together a menu of the best non-alcoholic cocktail recipes, so you can experiment at your leisure.

If you’re feeling inspired to join the alcohol-free revolution, pick your potion from the Three Spirit shop. Which concoction will you mix up? Can you dream up more? Tag us in your creations on instagram 

When you pour out your non-alcoholic cocktail and clink your glass, just remember to raise one to plant power. Cheers!

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