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Bar Canete Barcelona

One of the hottest places in Barcelona! There is a waiting list, or you can simply wait outside in a cue of locals mixed with tourists. It is worth the wait for sure… Just try to avoid the busy times and the typical tourist eating hours

It is a big place, and we were surprised by the enormity of it all, not expecting that from the outside. There are also much more locals or at least Spanish people here than expected. The prices are high, simple as that, 4x more than a normal tapas bar in BCN and 8x more than outside BCN…

I still recommend this place without a doubt, as I hate all standard (tapas) food you so often find on every corner with soft tortillas, blend basic albondigas or frozen calamares with aioli from a can…

What did we eat:

Pan con tomate (always)

Barceloneta Bomba (good, local specialty, still basic)

Lobster croquette (not so special)

Traditional hot meatball soup (bit basic)

Galicial baby scallops with Bellota ham

Seasonal grilled artichokes with foie gras (fuck me, look at the movie below)

Iberian pork loin, stewed and braised

Cuban Chocolate stick with salt (check my tiktok, it was amazing)

Check all pictures down below, I can recommend this place, even if expensive and long lines some days, it has some unique featyres nowhere to be found in the greater Barcelona area. We paid around €160 including wine for the lunch in total…. a lot for most people… okay for us


Some food pictures:

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