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Guy Fieri Launches ‘Flavortown’ Spiked Fruit Punch with Two Roads Brewing

Food Network personality and restaurateur Guy Fieri is embracing his iconic catchphrase with a new line of boozy beverages, appropriately named Flavortown Spiked. Produced in partnership with Connecticut’s Two Roads Brewing Company, the brand is slated to launch its first flavor — a hard fruit punch — this November, Brewbound reports.

This isn’t Fieri’s first alcohol brand. The spirited chef co-founded Santo Tequila, along with singer-songwriter Sammy Hagar, and owns a winery in northern California named Hunt & Ryde, after his sons Hunter and Ryder. But while Fieri is no stranger to the booze industry, the Flavortown Spiked brand appears to have the closest connection to his energetic personality. Colorful cans of the product display a sketch of the star’s face surrounded by flames.

Fieri worked with the popular Stratford, Conn. craft brewery Two Roads to make the flavor-packed drink. While Two Roads is primarily focused on beer, the company has experience producing other alcoholic beverages as well, including its own line of spiked seltzers and canned cocktails. The Flavortown Spiked Fruit Punch is a 6 percent ABV malt beverage made with real fruit to amplify the flavors, according to the brand. The fruit punch is just the first release in a line of Flavortown Spiked beverages, with other drinks like spiked iced tea to follow suit.

While the brand hasn’t officially launched yet, both Guy Fieri and Two Roads have been hinting at the collaboration on social media. More information on the partnership will be available when the drinks are released later this month.

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