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Jackson Morgan Releases Banana Pudding Cream Liqueur

No Southern potluck is complete without a giant pan of banana pudding, the beloved dessert that inspired Jackson Morgan’s 15% ABV, 30 Proof Banana Pudding Cream Liqueur.

You’ll love the smooth, sweet ripe banana flavor with a note of vanilla, an homage to the fruit-and-cookie classic we all know and love. It is the first banana pudding cream liqueur to come from Tennessee, and they’ve made sure it packs a fruity, fresh punch with every sip.

Banana Pudding Cream is best sipped neat after a classic Southern meal, or blended into a fresh summer cocktail: think tropical treats, frozen sippers, and festive fruity cocktails that double as dessert. It’s the perfect flavor for a day on the lake with your nearest and dearest, or a little taste of home-cooked goodness. (Pro tip: mix it in your grandma’s banana pudding recipe – and thank us later!).

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