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Lobos 1707 Tequila Crowns Winner of Best-In-Class Cocktail Challenge and its First Brand Ambassador

Wowing the esteemed Judges with creativity, skill and showmanship, Atlanta-based Ty Nicole Tucker earns $30,000 contract!

Lobos 1707 Tequila and Mezcal announces Ty Nicole Tucker as the winner of the Best-In-Class Cocktail Challenge and the new Brand Ambassador for the legendary brand with a $30,000 contract. In this role, Ty Nicole will proudly represent Lobos 1707, creating original cocktail recipes and traveling the country to spread the word on the award-winning best-in-class liquid.

“Winning the Best-In-Class Challenge and the $30,000 contract to be the Lobos 1707 Brand Ambassador is surreal,” says Ty Nicole Tucker. “I love what the brand stands for, in terms of diversity and inclusivity, and the liquid is amazing neat, over ice, or in some creative cocktails. I thank my competitors for a worthy challenge, I thank Chilled Magazine for hosting the competition, I thank all my fellow mixologists who were there cheering us on, and most of all, I thank my new pack, Lobos 1707. I cannot wait to get to work.”

Judges included industry heavyweights and representatives of Lobos 1707: Diego Osorio, Founder & Chief Creative Officer, Lobos 1707; Dale DeGroff, King Cocktail, Master Mixologist and Author; Bridget Albert, Senior Director, External Communications, Southern Glazer’s Wine & Spirits, Co-Host of Served Up Podcast and Author; Wendy Hodges, Chilled 100 National Director, Chilled Magazine; and Brooke Bostian, On-Premise Manager, Lobos 1707.

“Each of the finalists brought creativity and skill, and we had a terrific roster of talent, however, Ty Nicole’s passion, showmanship and the quality of her cocktail creations, put her over the top,” shares Diego Osorio. “She truly impressed us, and we know she’ll do great things as the Lobos 1707 Brand Ambassador sharing our story of legacy and quality. Welcome to the pack, Ty Nicole.”

“Ty Nicole did a fantastic job,” adds Dale DeGroff. “Her cocktails were balanced and flavorful, highlighting the unique notes of the Lobos 1707 expressions. Her craftsmanship coupled with her energetic demonstration put her over the top to be crowned the challenge winner.”

The Best-In-Class Cocktail Challenge took place as a marquis event during Chilled 100 ELEVATE, an immersive educational experience for bartenders. Further to winning over the esteemed judges, Ty Nicole also wowed the crowd of more than 100 bartenders attending from across the country, winning the People’s Choice for her cocktail creations.

The Challenge kicked off in early September with Chilled Magazine inviting bartenders from across the country to participate by submitting two original cocktails—one simple serve using Lobos 1707 Reposado Tequila and a second cocktail that accentuates the notes of the PX sherry finish used across the entire Lobos 1707 portfolio, with bartender’s choice of Lobos 1707 expression.

From nearly 200 submissions, five finalists were chosen and invited to compete live during Chilled 100 ELEVATE: Seanea Corvi (Los Angeles, CA); Jasmine Jones (Chicago, IL); Ty Nicole Tucker (Atlanta, GA); Joan Villanueva (San Antonio, TX); and Tashea Younge (New York, NY).

Second prize of $1,000 was secured by Joan Villanueva and third prize of $500 by Seanea Corvi.

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