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The Best Holiday Drinking Gifts for 2023

Along with some good old-fashioned cheer, the holidays tend to usher in the unexpected. (Surprise homecomings! Snowfall! Flight cancellations!) That said, there are two aspects of the most wonderful time of the year that never change. First off, it’s prime time for gift-giving. And second: whether your loved ones will be sipping spirits, sparkling wine, or straight-up seltzer at your gatherings this season, they’ll all be drinking something.

That’s why we’re once again rounding up the best drinks gifts of the year, and we’ve got ideas covered for anyone who enjoys cocktails, wine, beer, coffee, or tea. The wish list we’ve curated runs the gifting gamut from the utilitarian to the whimsical, and you’ll find something at every price point from keychains to caviar. There are books that expand the mind and palate with lessons on Trappist monks, French wine, and absinthe, and ceramics that are as pretty as they are practical. You’ll see a portable keg, bar cart essentials, and cheeseboard-themed home decor. Even teetotalers will fall in love with the merch, caffeinated collections, and kitchen gadgets below.

So, without further delay, these are VinePair’s best holiday gifts of 2023.

The 8 Best Gifts for Cocktail Lovers

Estelle Colored Glass Decanter – Heritage {Iridescent}

A pop of color never hurts when it comes to stocking a bar cart. Made in Poland by glass artisans, this kaleidoscopic vessel practically begs to be filled with something aged and precious. Price: $160

Island Creek Oysters Adamas White Sturgeon Caviar From Pandino, Italy

If someone you love can’t resist a caviar bump with their Martini, ‘tis the season to treat them to some at-home indulgence. And don’t worry about the logistics of shipping the Lombardy-sourced treat by air — the tin arrives refrigerated and ready to be popped open or stored for a few weeks. Price: $99 for 30g

Filthy Martini Kit

For the friend who orders their Dirty Martinis extra-filthy, look no further. This kit contains everything they need to satisfy their saline cravings 24 times over including pouches of brine, olives stuffed with blue cheese and pimento peppers, and stainless-steel cocktail picks. Price: $40

The Maison Premiere Almanac

This year, Brooklyn’s go-to establishment for absinthe and oysters compiled its knowledge into one cocktail book. With 90 drink recipes for punches, Martinis, Juleps, and more, this photo-filled almanac will wow anyone who savors the history behind the cocktails they drink. Price: $40

Marianna Fierro Negroni Print

If you’ve got an Instagram account, chances are you’ve seen the work of L.A.-based art director and illustrator Marianna Fierro on your feed. While her mortadella-patterned towel or spaghetti sweatshirt may be more your taste, we’re partial to this whimsical, frame-worthy print of the classic cocktail. Price: $45

The Encyclopedia of Cocktails: The People, Bars & Drinks, with More Than 100 Recipes

Consider this comprehensive catalog for that family member who seems to know the story behind anything you drink in their company. James Beard Award-nominated author and cocktail and spirits writer Robert Simonson covers all the boozy bases with 100 cocktail recipes and details about the people and places shaping today’s bar industry. Price: $25

Crate & Barrel Green Aperitif Glasses (Set of 4)

A proper pre-dinner drink can make even an average night feel elegant, especially if it’s being enjoyed from some gorgeous glassware. These mini, mint-green coupes will look as chic in your friends’ hands and they will on their bar carts. Price: $40

Cure: New Orleans Drinks and How to Mix ‘Em

Co-written by beverage industry veteran (and VinePair Drinks Professional of the Year) Neal Bodenheimer and writer Emily Timberlake, this will please anyone who’s picked up a Sazerac habit on a trip to the cocktail capital, and boasts 100 cocktail recipes that tell the city’s story. Price: $30

The 11 Best Gifts for Wine Lovers

Cote Drink Pink Box

For New Yorkers craving great wine alongside prime cuts of meat, they’ll find it at Korean steakhouse Cote. But if taking a loved one to dinner in Manhattan isn’t in the cards, you can send some of the experience straight to their door with a rosé-themed wine box curated by sommelier and author Victoria James. In addition to three bottles of the pink stuff, you’ll find a signed copy of “Drink Pink,” a playful dive into the world of rosé by James herself. Price: $95

Shitty Wine Memes Cosmic Taster Enamel Keychain

It’s whimsical, it’s weird, and it’s out of this world. Consider this accessory the ideal stocking-stuffer for your group’s designated wine geek — or its snob, we don’t know your friends. Price: $15

Ichendorf Milano Alchemy Decanter

You’re not decanting every decent bottle you pop and neither are we, but with a two-toned decanter sitting on our bar carts, we’d do it more often. An added bonus: though delicate, this Italian glass is dishwasher-safe at low temps. Price: $108

Nata Cheese Cracker Candle

While funky wheels of Harbison, sharp cheddars, and gooey Brie wedges may get most of the attention on holiday cheese boards, crackers are the real workhorses of the spread. A carb-adjacent candle is scented with jasmine, neroli, and orange blossom, and looks just as chic on a nightstand as it does on a dinner table among the side dishes. Price: $21

“The New French Wine” Two-Book Boxed Set

Whether your giftee is a francophile, passionate about wine, or just really selective about their coffee table books, this this technicolor two-box set is pretty irresistible. It’s also comprehensive: author Jon Bonné takes readers on a guided tour through France’s entire wine landscape, including 800 producers and 7,000-plus wines from each of the nation’s regions. Price: $135

Field Recordings Morro Dew T-Shirt

Based in Paso Robles and headed by winemaker Andrew Jones, Field Recordings is changing the face of California wine. It’s doing it with style, too: in addition to innovative bottles and playful labels, the brand’s got some cool merch. For a friend down to rep one of West Coast’s best (and VinePair’s Winery of the Year), we’d suggest a funky-fonted tee. Price: $30

Cato & Co. The Cato Cup (Set of 2) in Terracotta

Crystal glassware is classic, but it’s not exactly utilitarian. That said, on-the-go vessels can look sophisticated, too. For off-road drinking by campfires, on hikes, and the like, Cato’s pair of stoneware cups are as aesthetically pleasing as they are practical. Price: $75

Bebly Box in Marble

Judge boxed wine all you like, but there’s no denying that it comes in handy when you’re entertaining a crowd. Bebly’s re-fillable box will allow the host in your life to put even their classiest bottle on-tap, and will keep the wine cold until last call. Simply fill up the bag, set it in the insulated base, cap it with the pretty marble cover, and it’s ready to go. Price: $98

Thierry Atlan The Celebration Box, 12pc

We’d be hard-pressed to name a more celebratory pairing than Champagne and macarons, and French chocolatier Thierry Atlan’s sweet patisserie box merges both. Whether you gift them or contribute them to your work party’s dessert table, these bubbly-flavored confections are worth toasting with. Price: $45

Le Creuset Waiter’s Friend Wine Opener

Much like a loyal friend, a good wine key will stick with you for years. If you notice someone in your own circle is popping their bottles with a crappy corkscrew, this rosewood and stainless-steel opener is efficient, attractive, and guaranteed to get put to good use. Price: $46

Tombolo Big Brut Cabana

There’s a way to dress festively without going full holiday camp, and Tom Bolo’s bubbly-adorned button-up is chic enough to be worn to a New Years shindig yet casual enough to don all year round. Made from organic cotton terry cloth, this unisex piece can be layered for frigid nights or thrown on solo during vacation somewhere warmer. Price: $138

The 8 Best Gifts for Beer Lovers

DIY Talea Peach Berry Punch Beer Making Kit

If you have a loved one who spends half their time in the kitchen perfecting project bakes — and happens to be into sours — we’ve pegged their next challenge. This kit contains the equipment, ingredients, and step-by-step instructions to make a gallon of NYC brewery Talea’s Peach Berry Punch. Added bonus: should homebrewing turn into a new hobby, all the equipment is reusable. Price: $48

Spiegelau IPA Glass

Made in Germany, this beer glass was developed with input from Ken Grossman of Sierra Nevada and Sam Calagione of Dogfish Head, two of the U.S.’s leading IPA brewers. Its shape makes it ideal for filling with hop-forward brews, and the ideal gift for your social circle’s resident IPA guy. Price: $11

Literie Beers at the Ballpark Candle

Baseball and beer is a pairing as ubiquitous as chestnuts and an open fire. And though the holidays are months away from the next opportunity to scarf down a hot dog in nosebleed seats, a hops- and citrus-scented candle might hold over the MLB fan in your life until spring training tees off. Price: $45

Trappist Beer Travels: Inside the Breweries of the Monasteries

Beer has a rich history, and much of it involves the Trappist monks who have brewed it for centuries. Perfect for the brewing and/or history buff, the second edition of this deep dive into Trappist breweries includes new information about the newest brothers to take the traditional beer-making reins. Price: $30

Athletic Brewing Co Fractel Performance Cap

Whether you’re shopping for an experienced marathon-runner or your introverted roommate who spends most of their time indoors, this moisture-wicking cap in the NA beer brand’s signature colors will brighten up their look. Price: $40

Funky Rock Designs Stone Bottle Opener

This ergonomically designed work of art is a hell of a lot more sophisticated than that piece of metal on your key ring. Designed by local artisans in Maine, it’ll add a refined twist to a bar cart — and it’s even dishwasher-safe. Price: $26

Squarekeg Square One Mini Keg

Sure, it’s a splurge, but hear us out: a portable keg that’s so compact you can tote around and squeeze it into the fridge next to the hot sauce is an investment into your most extroverted friend. In fact, you can go beyond the suds and use it to dispense 128 ounces of your favorite cocktail, wine, or coffee on tap. Just fill it up, fit the tap, add a CO2 cartridge, and you’re the new hero of the function. Price: $300

Yeti Rambler Beverage Bucket in Navy

The tidings should always be warm at holiday parties, but the drinks shouldn’t be. Yeti’s uber-sturdy bucket can fit a six-pack of suds or three bottles of wine and will keep them chilled until every guest is tuckered out. It also comes with a lid should you want to fill it with ice instead. Price: $150

The 7 Best Gifts for Coffee & Tea Lovers

Frank Lloyd Wright Gift Set

Tea Forte’s collaboration with the famed American architect’s foundation contains a stoneware mug, matching tea tray, and 10 tea-filled pyramid infusers. And backing the arts never hurts: a portion of your purchase will go towards educational programs and scholarships the foundation supports. Price: $65

Rook Coffee Cold Brew Subscription

One might not go to the Jersey Shore looking for outstanding cold brew, but from its humble roots in a 300-square-foot shack, Rook has become a bit of an obsession in the Garden State. Now, they ship nationally, and a subscription for the brand’s chicory-rich New Orleans Coffee Concentrate will keep the busiest people in your life cool and caffeinated. Price: from $36


David’s Tea 24 Trips with Tea Advent Calendar

Even the most patient tea drinker will be tempted to tear into this calendar early. Inspired by holiday traditions around the globe, it contains 48 servings of elegant sencha, soothing herbal blends, and more. Price: $55

This rainbow-splattered stoneware by Queens, N.Y. ceramicist Helen Levi pulls double-duty as a drinking vessel and a piece of home decor worth displaying. Price: $52

Visp The Elixir Mixer

DIY matcha lattes may sound like a time-suck, but Visp’s electric whisk bottle streamlines the process. Its stainless-steel frother is built in and does its job in just 15 seconds with the push of a button so you can scarf up and head out quicker. Price: $88

Boy Smells Vanilla Era

Fragrance brand Boy Smells took the often-cloying scent of vanilla coffee drinks and transformed it into a sophisticated cologne anyone can wear. Madagascar vanilla, black pepper, and saffron float at the top of the scent like creamy milk foam while notes like cashmere wood, black amber, and spicy coffee provide a strong yet smooth base. Price: $98

Le Creuset Demi Kettle

Stove space is precious, especially when you’re cooking to feed a crowd on holiday mornings. This olive-hued kettle, though, is pretty enough to convince us to sacrifice a burner to keep it on display. And should you actually fire it up, you’ll hear that tell-tale whistle in a matter of minutes thanks to its quick-to-heat carbon steel. Price: $84

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