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For the Rule Breakers: The Prisoner Wine Company and High West Whiskey’s Limited-Edition Collab

Nothing evokes the holidays like the aromas of nutmeg, clove, and ginger. These flavors star in classic treats like gingerbread cookies, pumpkin pie, and eggnog, instantly summoning the holiday spirit. These cozy, warming spices are also prominent notes of a festive, limited-edition red blend wine crafted by two iconic brands, The Prisoner Wine Company and High West Whiskey.

For the wine or whiskey lover who has everything, treat them to something rare, highly desirable, and delicious: the limited-edition 2022 Complicit Red Blend — a wine that deserves the top spot on your wishlist.

You don’t want to wait to grab a bottle of the Complicit Red Blend for everyone on your shopping list (don’t forget to snag a couple for yourself, too). This one-of-a-kind, highly-coveted wine is only available online and will be around for just a short amount of time.

So get the wrapping paper and ribbon ready. You’re about to become the gift-giving champion of the season thanks to The Prisoner and High West Whiskey.

A Collaboration Worth Celebrating

The Prisoner Wine Company and High West Whiskey are known for bravely challenging conventions, pushing boundaries, and forging their own distinct paths. Now, the two pioneering personalities are uniting in these missions. This collaboration tells an extraordinary story and captures the spirit of the West, all while maintaining an artfully provocative energy.

The wine is being produced in limited numbers — it’s a can’t-miss for whiskey and wine lovers, and anyone else who loves breaking the rules.

The Prisoner Wine Company

Located in Napa Valley, The Prisoner Wine Company is best known for breaking from wine-making traditions by creating unique, exciting blends. The original red blend, The Prisoner, permanently altered the perception of blended wines. Since its release in 2000, it has earned a cult following. Now, the winemakers produce a slate of reds, whites, and sparkling wines, including Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, and more. The wines are known for being provocative, luxurious, and unafraid of subverting expectations.

The Prisoner’s name and iconic label were inspired by a 19th-century etching titled “Le Petite Prisonnier” by the Spanish artist Francisco Goya. The image symbolizes how the flagship red blend disrupted the traditional wine category, spearheading a movement through bold innovation. The artwork inspired The Prisoner Wine Company’s mission to boost awareness and drive action for prison reform. The company also donates 3 percent of red blend sales to prison reform groups.

High West Distillery

High West Distillery was founded in 2006 and, a year later, began distilling in Park City, Utah, a state with a lesser-known whiskey-producing history. The brand has become recognized worldwide and won awards for its collection of Bourbon, rye, and whiskey. The company also operates a saloon in a historic livery stable and garage in Park City.

Surrounded by the mountains of the Wasatch Range, High West Distillery is dedicated to protecting the natural resources of the landscape from the growing impact of wildfires and shorter winters that bring less snowfall. The company has committed $1 million over the next three years to organizations working to “keep the West wild” and protect the region’s natural resources.

The Complicit Red Blend

Bound by dissent, The Prisoner Wine Company and High West Distillery are complicit in this unorthodox collaboration. This partnership between wine and whiskey showcases the brands’ adventurous and pioneering spirits.

The Complicit Red Blend combines Zinfandel, Sangiovese, Petite Sirah, and Viognier grapes, and the wine was aged partially in High West rye and Bourbon barrels. The thoughtful blend of grapes, oaky rye, and Bourbon notes creates a full-bodied wine that expresses all the flavors of the holidays, including blackberry, currant, blueberry, dried cranberry, graham cracker, nutmeg, clove, and ginger, with hints of caramel and vanilla cream.

The Complicit Red Blend also aligns with The Prisoner’s commitment to work with more than 100 growers in northern California. Most of the wine’s grapes come from the prestigious Napa Valley, with some from the Russian River Valley in Sonoma County. The grapes were handpicked, placed in half-ton bins, and delivered to The Prisoner’s winery in September 2021.

Beyond selecting the best fruits for the blend, the detailed winemaking process gives Complicit its complex yet mellow flavor.

The grapes were fermented with the skins on for 21 days in stainless steel tanks; the Sangiovese and Petite Sirah varieties were co-fermented in the same vessel. After fermentation, the liquid that naturally drains from the berries was removed and left to settle overnight. The wine was filtered to remove sediment and heavy solids before preliminary processing.

Once the blends were created, they were placed in a combination of new and used wine barrels — about one-third of the wine was transferred to High West Bourbon barrels. The wine then aged twelve months in the barrels before bottling in September 2023.

The wine’s palate is full of soft tannins and a long, mellow finish. Wine drinkers have called the Complicit Red Blend “complex,” “absolutely delicious,” and “an amazing wine with a smooth delivery and a full smoky finish.”

It’s an exciting, unforgettable gift for wine lovers, whiskey lovers, and collectors alike. Everyone will rave about the warm, fruity, and spicy flavors — a festive accompaniment to your holiday feasts. Plus, it makes a memorable gift. There’s nothing else like it.

Check out The Prisoner Wine Company’s lineup, including an array of exciting wine blends, as well as varieties like Pinot Noir and Chardonnay, and High West Distillery’s range of whiskey, Bourbon, rye, and bottled cocktails.

This article is sponsored by The Prisoner Wine Company. 

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