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Top 6 Spirits and Liquors to Gift for Valentine’s Day

As the year’s official day of love lingers near, finding all the ways to show your special someone your love can get a little nerve-racking.

We all know cocktails are good at one thing – chilling us out and setting the mood right. So, we put together a list of 6 go-to spirits to help concoct the perfect love potion for your Valentine.

Empress 1908 Elderflower Pink Gin

A cocktail that smells like a fresh bouquet of roses? Now that’s one way to swoon your date. Empress 1908 Elderflower Pink Gin stuns with its ruby color and delicate floral aromas, taking the senses to a serene rose garden blooming bright in late Spring. This gin adds that gorgeous pink touch to the simplest or the most sophisticated of cocktails. So, who needs roses? Alcohol lasts longer, anyway.

Amante 1530

With a name like amante, do we need to explain more why this aperitif is the perfect Valentine’s Day pick? Birthed out of the Palagio 1530 estate owned by the legendary musician Sting, Amante sings with all the soul of the Mediterranean. It’s dreamy, zesty, and refreshing, especially when combined with a dash of club soda or turned into a spritz. In other words, Amante 1530 is a quick way to take that Italian vaca without you two needing to leave the house or bar.

Fraser & Thompson

Is Michael Bublè on the playlist for Valentine’s Day? Fortunately, there’s a whiskey as smooth as Bublè’s singing Feeling Good. Fraser & Thompson is Bublè’s latest tune, in bottle form – a North American whiskey that’s sweet and subtle, with a little spice, just like Bublè’s voice. Its creamy body and bright citrus undertones make this whiskey a fantastic fit for a steak meal. Or, just enjoy it in a few lowball cocktails and you’ll be swaying to Call Me Irresponsible in no time.

Empirical Symphony 6

Crafted with finesse and a whole lot of passion, this aromatic spirit is quite the elixir of love. From the apothecary-like minds of chef-couple Noma Lars Williams and Mark Emil Hermansen, Empirical Symphony 6 heightens the senses and screams intimacy with its expertly chosen botanicals. Its fragrance tantalizes the soul with warm undertones of juicy citrus and berry batches, matching the spirit’s elegant soft pink color. It all wraps up with a kiss of warmth and coziness, just as a good Valentine’s Day should.

Gordon’s Premium Pink Gin

Pink martinis, anyone? Gordon’s Premium Pink Gin will make your gin lover soon with its pretty bubble gum color that will add the sweetest spin to any classic gin cocktail. Its berry flavors are delicate, and will not overpower the evening’s love potion of choice. This gin’s seductive perfume of strawberries and raspberries gives the necessary aromatic touch, carrying easily into and beyond dessert, especially if there’s chocolate involved.


Before you think – “how does Campari make a list for Valentine’s Day?” – we invite you to think outside the box. Campari offers a world of opportunity to create one romantic Valentine’s Day gift. With its gorgeous, deep red color, it’s born for this holiday. Make Campari the centerpiece of a gorgeous gift basket, filled with fun ingredients to craft the most creative and seductive cocktails. Or, cradled it in the arms of a big teddy bear, with a bottle of Prosecco in the other hand, giving your date the gift of the warmest hug and many classic Campari spritz in the future.

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