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A Drama Series About the Guinness Family Is Coming to Netflix

Our infatuation with Guinness will soon extend beyond the tap to our TV screens.

On Thursday, Netflix announced a new drama from esteemed “Peaky Blinders” writer Steven Knight. “House of Guinness” (the project’s working title) will tell the story of one of Europe’s most prestigious and well-known dynasties: The Guinness Family. The show was announced at the Next on Netflix UK event in London by Anne Mensah, Netflix’s vice president of UK content.

Netflix revealed that the show will be set in the 19th-century in both Dublin and New York, and will focus on the aftermath of the death of Benjamin Guinness, who is frequently credited with the brewery’s long-standing fame and success. The plot will follow Benjamin’s children Arthur, Edward, Anne, and Ben as they navigate the challenges of the business in the wake of their father’s passing.

“The Guinness dynasty is known the world over – wealth, poverty, power, influence, and great tragedy are all intertwined to create a rich tapestry of material to draw from,” explained Knight at the event. “I’ve always been fascinated by their stories and am excited to bring the characters to life for the world to see.”

Knight’s previous foray into the world of streaming was wildly successful. The popularity of the show, starring Oscar-winner Cillian Murphy, has led to talks of a Peaky Blinders movie.

The series will consist of eight episodes, each an hour long. Netflix has yet to reveal the casting or the release date, so might as well enjoy a nice pour of Guinness while we eagerly await more information.

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