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Drink Experiences: The Shanghai Bar’s Dynasty of the Dragon

Consumers today seek creative and high-quality cocktails when they go out, which means unique flavors, textures and presentations that make a drink much more than just a beverage. We’re highlighting some of the standout drink experiences we’re seeing this year.

The Shanghai Bar and Lounge at Hutong New York restaurant serves up some of the city’s most inventive cocktails. It’s currently offering guests a unique way to indulge in the essence of the Year of the Dragon with The Dynasty of the Dragon.

The large-format cocktail, which serves about four people, combines Shui Jing Fang baiju, gin, vermouth and Chinese honey cordial, enhanced with a mixture of spices and citrus. It’s presented in a tea set shaped like a dragon, alongside homemade matcha, coconut and ginger ice creams, which complement the strength of the drink.

Priced at $188, The Dynasty of the Dragon will be available at The Shanghai Bar all this year.

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